Steam Shower Store To Relaunch As Poshh

MORECAMBE, LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, September 30, 2021 / — Steam Shower Store has now relaunched as Poshh. The name change reflects the store’s unstoppable growth. Now firmly established as the UK’s leading supplier of home-spa appliances, it’s set its sights on becoming one of the UK’s leading suppliers of luxury home goods.

Rooted in wellness

Andrew Ellis founded Steam Shower Store because he realized he couldn’t be the only person who wanted a cost-effective and convenient alternative to public spas. He quickly found out that he was right but it took time for him to realize just how right he was.

His early customers were mostly people who were really dedicated to health and wellness. There were also some people who just wanted really luxurious bathrooms. Little by little, however, demand began to grow. Eventually, Steam Shower Store moved out of the fitness niche and into the mainstream bathroom sector.

When the pandemic struck, like so many other business people, Andrew Ellis feared the worst. In actual fact, however, COVID19 made people appreciate his business even more. As he explains “The pandemic made a lot of people much more aware of how important it is to look after your health, both physical and mental. That led to a huge demand for effective wellness products.”.

Over time, that demand grew into demand for a wider range of bathroom products. Then people started making inquiries about products for other areas of the home. At first, Andrew Ellis was very confused about this. Then he realized that people simply wanted to buy investment homewares from a retailer they knew they could trust.

Testing the waters with new items

Even after he’d worked this out, Andrew Ellis was very cautious about expanding his business. He’d spent a lot of time and energy building up Steam Shower Store as the go-to expert retailer for home-spa appliances. Moving into new areas created the risk of diluting that brand and seeing all his hard work go down the plughole.

He, therefore, decided to move carefully and simply expanded his range to include a greater selection of items for the bathroom. Since he’d listened to his customers, he knew he had a good idea of the sort of items they wanted. That allowed him to feel reasonably confident that he’d be able to sell them for a profit although possibly slowly.

In actual fact, the additional products sold more quickly and easily than he’d expected. With hindsight, Andrew Ellis realized that this made perfect sense. He’d effectively started offering a reputable “one-stop-shop” for all his customers’ bathroom needs and people were making the most of it. In fact, they were asking for more. That left Andrew Ellis with an important decision to make.

Relaunching as Poshh

Even though Andrew Ellis invested so much in the Steam Shower Store brand, the truth was that it reflected the original business, not the business as it had become. Andrew Ellis, therefore, realized that the time had come to retire it and relaunch as a fresh business.

As a result, is now to be Poshh will definitely keep everything Steam Shower Store had to offer and will build on it so customers get an even better deal. In addition to offering home-spa and bathroom goods, it now sells a range of luxury goods for the home and garden at prices real people can afford.

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