STAYEH! A While: Canadian Marketing Company Launches Hybrid Campaign To Bring Recovery Closer To Home

A novel combination of the real and virtual world, STAYEH!CATION is reviving and re-imagining local travel for a shared recovery, Ontario-wide.

We want to work with forward-looking brands who understand that a real recovery is a shared recovery. There’s no reason that our local business owners should have to face the coming months alone.”

— Mira Kopanarov

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 26, 2021 / — Mirable Inc., a solution-driven marketing consultancy, today announced the launch of their highly anticipated STAYEH!CATION initiative. A program designed specifically to spark the love and appreciation of local travel, the launch of STAYEH!CATION falls inside of Canada’s Tourism Week, an industry-wide invitation to come together as a country and in support of local tourism destinations, businesses, and employees.

Since the inception of the pandemic, the tourism industry has been no stranger to its ensuing hardship and economic shock; a lack of both international and local patrons has resulted in a significant decline in sales for hospitality services and adjacent businesses. Among the hardest hit have been Ontario’s accommodation, food, beverage, and retail businesses with experiential offerings that rely on both international travelers and local patronage.

Previously, the tourism industry accounted for roughly two percent of Canada’s GDP, and 1.8 million jobs in our workforce. As we now fly past the one year mark of COVID-19, a demonstration of appreciation and a return of our attention toward our local municipalities and businesses is well-needed.

Fortunately, a recovery can spread just as fast as a recession. “A win for one business is a win for the entire local ecosystem,” says Mira Kopanarov, Director and Founder of Mirable Inc. and creator of STAYEH!CATION. “The STAYEH!CATION program is designed with our interdependence in mind. It’s meant to give back both to the residents of Ontario, who are in dire need of a safe and meaningful way to connect with one another, and to our local municipalities and businesses, who know best how to serve their local audience if they’re given the chance.”

With 15 years of innovative marketing experience across various sectors, Mira quickly understood the limitations of a digital-only strategy. The average consumer sees roughly 10,000 advertisements come across their devices every day. Google ads, marketing emails, geofencing, in-app advertising, and social media campaigns can be effective, but on its own, digital-only material isn’t translating to foot traffic or resonating with consumers who are really on the ground.

“One of the most important things we’ve learned throughout this crisis is that people want to help and belong,” says Mira. “A number of studies reflect the willingness among consumers to prioritize and patronize businesses in their surrounding communities. STAYEH!CATION was built to make those support opportunities easier for people to find.”

Powered by the proprietary app-based platform, Virtuality, STAYEH!CATION combines digital marketing techniques with a real life component. The hybrid strategy is gaining attention in the marketing industry under the term ‘Extended Reality’, abbreviated as XR. XR refers to the combination of the virtual and physical world, using augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality technologies to facilitate virtual campaigns that have a complementary in-person component.

STAYEH!CATION builds on the fundamentals of XR to bring marketing campaigns closer to home. Local participants can download the app, Virtuality, and engage in a virtual adventure. The in-app scavenger hunt sends visitors through an array of local attractions. Led by clues, participants set out on foot, collecting augmented reality creatures and objects along the way. The experiences lead patrons to engaging interactions with local vendors, intra-community purchase opportunities and delicious culinary treats—all while staying safe, engaged, and connected.

The STAYEH!CATION experience is coming this summer to beloved communities across Ontario, including Toronto, Blue Mountain, Muskoka, North Bay, Caledon, Prince Edward County, and Niagara-On-The-Lake. Businesses and vendors in the area can opt-in to have an innovative and ready-to-go marketing package, complete with branded purchase opportunities and customizable, consumer-first offerings.

Mirable Inc. is also seeking partnerships with proud Canadian brands who have their eyes set on the task of recovery. “We want to work with forward-looking brands who have strong community ties and understand that a real recovery is a shared recovery,” says Mira. “There’s no reason that our local business owners should have to face the coming months alone.”

The STAYEH!CATION program offers a number of paths for corporate involvement, including features and facilitated consumer connections. Canadian brands and environmentally engaged businesses that are interested can join the esteemed list of supporters here.

About Mirable Inc.

After 15 years of solution-driven marketing experience, Mira Kopanarov founded Mirable Inc., to address the experiential gap in digital marketing. Mirable Inc. is a fully integrated marketing consultancy that helps their clients engineer creative, engaging, and customer-focused marketing experiences. Mirable received a grant in 2020 from the Province of Ontario in association with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries to continue their efforts and help Canadian businesses find effective ways to engage with consumers in their immediate communities.

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