SQUATZ announces new Corporate Wellness Program specifically designed for IATSE and AMPTP

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SQUATZ announced Monday the launch of a new corporate wellness program specifically aimed to meet the demands of the film and television industry.

With the growing tensions over contract negotiations between the IATSE union and members of the AMPTP, companies, workers, and the unions all acknowledge that they need healthy employees.”

— Jeremiah Brach

NEW YORK CITY , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — SQUATZ fitness announced Monday the launch of a new nation-wide corporate wellness program specifically aimed to meet the demands of the film and television industry.

In response to a possible nationwide IATSE union strike, SQUATZ has developed a Physical and Mental Wellness Partner Program specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of the film industry. The wellness program gives employees and crew members direct access to on-site and virtual health resources (including, but not limited to – fitness coaches, mental health experts, nutritionists, guided meditation seminars, and more). Employees can access these services while at or away from the job site.

Production companies and businesses that sign up will be able to offer their crew members and employees access to on-site personal trainers, massage therapists, nutritionists, one-to-one wellness sessions, as well as access to all of SQUATZ’ digital fitness solutions. SQUATZ corporate partners will also receive tailored features such as group exercises and customizable solutions that encourage accountability and foster bonding between colleagues. In addition, SQUATZ will assist participating corporate partners by outfitting film studios and offices with workout spaces for employees to utilize during breaks and downtime. Employees of participating partners also receive exclusive discounts on SQUATZ products and exercise equipment (launching at the start of 2022).

“No one talks about how hard it is to maintain any level of fitness or nutrition when you’re working 14-16 hours a day for weeks on end. People tell you ‘you just need to make time to go to the gym,’ as if that’s realistic or even safe after working that long and functioning on little to no sleep,” states one Production Coordinator on the growingly popular Instagram page @IA_STORIES. With over 122 thousand followers, the Instagram account chronicles the demanding work conditions for industry professionals, shedding light on the need for on-site access to health resources. The SQUATZ Wellness Program was developed to address these needs, providing workers with top-level health experiences on-site and on-demand.

“Before co-founding SQUATZ, I worked as a full-time freelancer in the IATSE union for close to a decade. It is challenging work. I know firsthand how important access to health and wellness solutions on and off of the clock is to crews and production companies. A better working environment must include access to customizable fitness and wellness solutions for all employees – at any time,” says David Crowley, co-founder and CEO of SQUATZ.

“With the growing tensions over contract negotiations between the IATSE union and members of the AMPTP, companies, workers, and the unions all acknowledge that they need healthy employees. This need has especially increased since the pandemic. SQUATZ has seen incredible demand for the platform. Our usage has grown 87% in the past few months while servicing clients internationally,” says Jeremiah Brach, Co-Founder and COO of SQUATZ. “Our primary focus is to create a solution where both members of IATSE and AMPTP thrive.”

Employees and crew members are looking to earn a paycheck from businesses emphasizing a balanced life to work ratio. After a year where life was turned upside down for so many employees, people seem to be more cognizant of sustaining their physical and mental health while on the job. Maintaining an employee wellness program benefits both the employee and the employer.

“Employers and crew members see the benefit of the relationship between healthy employees and productivity,” said Crowley. SQUATZ extends our wellness program approach from one size fits all to a program tailored to the individual worker. Each crew member/ employee has their individual needs met. SQUATZ provides companies with on-site and virtual trainers in a variety of verticals. Our SQUATZ coaches come directly to your set, filming location, office, or workspace and offer group or individual sessions during designated times that work best for you and your team. We offer on-site and virtual appointments with experts specializing in mental health, yoga, weight training, meditation, massage therapy, nutrition, diet plans, and more. These services can be accessed while on the job or after hours – even on the weekends. Our platform also offers employees direct access to customized workouts, training logs, and training analytics to track their individual goals and progress. Furthermore, SQUATZ can provide any custom solution or experience that a company or production requests.

The company is currently hiring more SQUATZ coaches in areas such as Atlanta, NYC, and LA to meet the growing demand. “A traditional SQUATZ trainer is a freelance individual who utilizes the platform and technology to grow or manage their own training business. A SQUATZ Corporate Trainer is a certified professional whom we specifically interview to meet the needs of our corporate partners. These corporate trainers are paid a generous wage and are designated to a specific business or production in their immediate area. Corporate coaches can also access our technology and platform as a SQUATZ Certified Coach,” explains Crowley.

Corporate Coaches are certified experts concentrating in fitness, training, nutrition, mental health, massage therapy, and more. Instructors hold certifications from such revered institutions as NASM, ACE, AMTA, and the likes.

“We developed this wellness program because we genuinely care about improving the working conditions of all industries,” states Brach. The SQUATZ Corporate Wellness Program can be utilized in any industry sector – such as construction unions, healthcare workers, schools, offices, and the likes. SQUATZ is singularly concentrated on how to improve the culture of any job site BEST. Offering a wellness program that reaches beyond the traditional workplace culture cultivates healthy relationships between employees and their employers while improving health results, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. “At SQUATZ, we focus on optimizing human resource investments and boosting employee engagement. We’re truly on the cutting edge of this vertical,” concludes Crowley.

Corporations can request either a virtual or in-person partner DEMO HERE.

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