Source Elements’ Rebekah Wilson and Robert Marshall Featured Speakers at AES 2021 European Spring Show — May 23-25

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 / — Source Elements’ Co-Founders Rebekah Wilson and Robert Marshall will participate in a series of inspiring and information-packed sessions AES 2021 Europe. With Global Resonance as its guiding perspective, the event is the 150th convention and will speak to the present and future of the audio art industry, and technology.

The Technology of Streaming
Tuesday, May 25
This panel a number of industry experts, including Source Elements’ Robert Marshall, will join in a discussion on streaming technologies: the ways we stream video, audio and data in real-time, the latency, quality and scalability of each of those technologies, the applications those particular methods can be applied to, the financial costs and the effort cost, and the current and future developments of the streaming technology itself.

Networked Music Performance for Musicians
Thursday, May 27
Presented by Rebekah Wilson, this tutorial will examine some of the challenges and opportunities in Networked Music Performance from a musician’s perspective in a home environment – with two main approaches: asynchronous (or the ‘virtual ensemble’) and synchronous, including the pros and cons of each approach, the particular considerations around how to choose which approach to take, and musical examples.

How To Get A Job In The Audio Industry
Thursday, May 27
The question on almost all audio engineering graduates’ minds: how to get a job in the audio industry? Panelists Rebekah WIlson, Joy Lyons and Cheryl Ottenritter will explain good strategies for getting a start, and tips for how to stand out in the crowd.

A Complete Guide To Networked Music Performance Using Free + Open Source Software
Friday May 28th
This workshop, led by Rebekah Wilson, will review a thorough representation of the currently active open source and freely available software projects that allow for networked music performance. viewers who are interested in performing together over the internet will receive a comprehensive review of software tools, with the aim to select those that suit their specific needs. In addition, the tools discussed are free-to-use and, in some cases, to modify. The availability of such tools leads to an expansive array of music possibilities that extends the core of music practice itself.

Source Elements’ Co-Founder Presenter Bios:

Rebekah Wilson is a composer and musician in addition to being the co-founder and technical director of Source Elements. She additionally performs, researches and teaches in the field of Networked Music Performance from the perspective of a composer. Rebekah and Robert Marshall have worked together over the past fifteen years to build Source Elements into a global company and a connected network of thousands of media professionals who rely on their software to complete their projects.

Robert Marshall holds degrees in electrical engineering and music composition. Using his skills as a musician, engineer and producer he is the visionary behind the idea of leveraging Internet connectivity to make post-production faster and more productive. He is a crucial force behind the solutions that have become synonymous with Source Elements such as Remote Transport Sync and Auto-Restore & Replace. In addition to his responsibilities as the Co-Founder and leading the Solutions team at Source Elements, Robert continues to work on a wide-range of sound design and mixing projects through his Chicago-based post-production facility called SUM1, with partners Ben Keller and Sean Ballman.

About Source Elements:
Since 2004 Source Elements has been helping connect creative people from around the world to collaborate in real-time on the production, approval and delivery of professional quality media for the film and television industry. Source Elements have helped make mission-critical connections and what seemed impossible possible by introducing high-speed internet connectivity to multimedia production workflows through a suite of software applications that enable near real-time broadcast quality production in a collaborative online environment. Find out more at

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