SONAR Systems and Technology Market by Size, Latest Industry Trends, Market Share by Application and Regional Forecast 2022-2031

The SONAR systems and technology market is estimated to be at $3.41 billion in 2022 and is expected to register a CAGR of 6.22% to reach $4.90 billion by 2031.

The report provides key statistics for the forecast period. The research report provides in-depth insights with regards to the SONAR systems and technology market.

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The report contains profiles of leading players involved in this market such as Ultra Electronics (GREENFORD, U.K.), Thales Underwater Systems Ltd. (U.K.), and Kongsberg Maritime (Norway). The report takes into account a wide range of factors and its influence on market dynamics. Increasing investments in R&D, coupled with an information flow for requirement analysis will help the market move at a steady pace. The report provides market analytics for more than 12 countries that are mapped in the report. One of the key strategies adopted by key players in this market is the technology innovation. This strategy helped them upgrade products, which helped them garner a competitive market share. Apart from this, detailed analysis of SONAR software and components has been conducted in order to provide better insights of the on-going trends in these sectors.

This report will help the stakeholders in this market unlock the business potential and identify the lucrative investment opportunities that the SONAR systems and technology market has to offer. The bottom line is that this report extrapolates key statistics in this market.
This SONAR systems and technology market report offers market analysis of the SONAR systems and technology market for the next six years. It contains an analysis of drivers, challenges, and restraints that impact the industry. It also discusses the industry, market, and technology trends currently prevailing in the SONAR systems and technology market. It describes the market size of the SONAR systems and technology market during the next six years, and covers the market share of different sub-sectors for each region.

SONARs are used for variety of commercial, military, and scientific applications such as hydrography, fisheries, anti-submarine warfare, underwater mines and threat detection and torpedo defense systems but integrated SONAR system, countermeasures, airborne processing and sonobuoy are major defined offerings from the system providers. Enhancement in anti-submarine warfare techniques, advancement in active and passive SONAR technologies, and rising demand for sonobuoy in tactical defense operations are some important factors which are expected to drive the growth of this market in the forecast period.

The increasing underwater threat in major oceans across the world has led to increase in investment through technologies for the development of more efficient SONAR systems. Until recently, side scan and multi-beam SONARs have been the leading technology for detailed mapping and imaging of the seabed. However, the market for Synthetic Aperture Sonars (SAS) which provides ultra-high image resolution combined with very efficient area coverage rates is expected to show phenomenon growth in near future.

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Market Scope:


• The SONAR systems and technology market size is expected to grow during the forecast period
• Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) Market has the highest business potential throughout the study period
• Passive SONAR is expected to be the maximum revenue generator among the different types of SONARs
• Enhancement in anti-submarine warfare techniques and advancement in digital signal processing are expected to be the major market drivers
• Thales and Ultra Electronics are the market leaders in the SONAR systems and technology market, holding approximately 40% of the market share


On the basis of Types
• Active SONAR
• Passive SONAR
On the basis of Application
• Commercial
• Military
• Scientific
On the basis of System Types
• Single beam scanning SONAR
• Multi-beam SONAR
• Side scan SONAR
• Synthetic Aperture SONAR
• Diver Detection SONAR
On the basis of Geographies
• North America
• Europe

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