Smart Raccoons, a game-designing company from Latvia, has created a new app for Pineapple Open-face Chinese Poker

If you love Texas Hold’Em, Pineapple Open-face Chinese Poker is your next card game

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 / — In the mid-2000s, Pineapple Open-face Chinese Poker was developed in Finland.
Today, the game is played around the world.

The rules are simple, the gameplay is exciting, and the strategy is fulfilling. Now Smart Raccoons, developers of some of the world’s best card game apps, have released their Pineapple Open-face Poker app. The app matches three players lets everyone play against each other and creates a realistic game environment for everyone to enjoy. Download the app at:

“If you love Texas Hold’Em, Pineapple Open-face Chinese Poker is your next card game,” Valery M., Smart Raccoons Warrior, said. “If You fold on Hold’Em, there is nothing to do till the next round. At Pineapple, you are always involved and playing.”

In Pineapple Open-face Chinese Poker, the game goal, like other Poker games, is to collect the best possible combinations. And there is no betting, only combinations, and math.

There are three combinations that must be made for each player out of 13 cards with opened cards. Players can enter Fantasyland in the next round and deal 14 cards at once by having an excellent line upfront. This allows the Fantasyland player to have the advantage with which to build a great hand.

Smart Raccoons developed their Pineapple Open-face Chinese Poker to be played with three players. The server helps locate players for the table, as well as using Bots to play when desired. Gameplay is fast-paced and exciting. The app even includes a complete tutorial so new players can learn to play.

“I started playing Raccoon Pineapple poker,” said Liam R. from New Zealand. “I can’t stop! This game is so addicting with that Fantasyland feature.”

Playing Pineapple Open-face Chinese Poker on the Smart Raccoons app is free and fun. Download a copy of the app:

● Google Play:
● Appstore:
● Video tutorial:

Smart Raccoons is a game development company based in Latvia. They deliver challenging and social entertainment experiences to people around the world. They combine traditional card and board games with new technologies. Adding twists to old-school games breathes new life into them and delivers new audiences that previously weren’t interested.

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