SleepSmartz Helps Veterans With Suicidal Ideation and/or PTSD Induced Insomnia

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SleepSmartz is developing new tools to help veterans overcome insomnia associated with PTSD and suicidal thoughts

EDMOND, OK, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2021 / — SleepSmartz, a producer of audio sleep sessions for those who struggle with insomnia, has announced the development of sleep sessions, accessed through an app, for veterans tormented by insomnia. A crowdfunding campaign on at has recently launched for the development and production of these sleep sessions.

Insomnia is a constant companion for veterans who struggle with PTSD and suicidal thoughts, making life unbearable. According to research, chronic insomnia intensifies the suffering of these conditions, often leading to hopeless despair and worse.

“The suffering caused by insomnia is excruciating,” SleepSmartz Director of Military Engagement, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Ray Baker said. “When vets aren’t sleeping, our probability of anxiety, depression and even suicide increases. Yet until now, we haven’t had a non-medication sleep tool for veterans so I’m excited this potential positively change lives for those who are currently serving or have served our country.”

Last year, SleepSmartz produced 84 sleep sessions for those struggling with opioid, alcohol, meth and other addictions. Developed under the direction of SleepSmartz Chief Scientific Officer Lowell Robertson, M.D. Addiction Medicine, these audio sessions include proven relaxation techniques combined with professional recovery principles from the 12-Step program. Many of these sleep sessions include faith-based content.

To develop sleep sessions for veterans, SleepSmartz plans to partner with a treatment program for veterans who struggle with these conditions. “It is critical that we incorporate professional recovery principles in each sleep session so the veteran is encouraged and reinforced as they drift off to sleep each night,” SleepSmartz CEO Gary Brown confirmed. “We will work closely with a treatment program to ensure these sleep sessions are as effective as possible.”

Brown expects the initial sleep sessions for PTSD and suicidal ideation to be released sometime after the next generation SleepSmartz app is released in September 2021. The current app is a simple “template” app and the new app will include many advanced features.

Crowdfunding for the development of sleep sessions is a first for SleepSmartz. “We haven’t used crowdfunding before but after considering a number of other options, we felt it was a good idea. This campaign is exciting because it will allow people to buy gift lifetime subscriptions to the app for low income veterans at an extremely low rate and get a free lifetime subscription for themselves,” Brown said. “Our mission is to help all veterans who struggle with insomnia driven by these conditions and with enough support, we will!”

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