sheets™ LAUNDRY CLUB Continues to Excel in Leadership for Plastic Reduction and Education During Plastic Free July 2021

MOORESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, July 1, 2021 / — One day before Plastic Free July 2021:

• Tired of seeing plastic wash up on beaches? Join the club.
• Horrified that the world produces 347 tons of non-recyclable plastic per year? Join the club.
• Tired of landfills being littered with plastic waste? Join the club.
• Surprised to know that harsh chemicals and toxins are in your laundry? Join the club.
• Interested in eco-friendly, plastic-free living? Join the club.
• See a pattern here? Join the club.

The club is sheets™ LAUNDRY CLUB, a hidden gem in Mooresville, North Carolina destined to fix one of the best-kept secrets with the worst complications on our plastic-naïve planet.

July 2021 – Plastic Free July — is the launching pad.

In short, our laundry deserves a reality check and sheets is giving it one.

“Would you believe that without action, our seas will be filled with more plastic waste than fish by 2050?” asked the bewildered and determined Co-Founder and CEO of sheets, Chris Videau. “Simply reducing plastic and harsh chemical use in laundry products wasn’t enough, so we completely eliminated them.”

Videau, a disabled yet honorably discharged Army veteran saw a problem and literally breathes it, having a daily reminder of the lung repercussions related to plastic burn pits he was subjected to during his service.

So with sheets Co-Founder and COO Chris Campbell and Executive Partner Carl Fochler, Videau created the greater-good trio with the mission to create a company with a variety of laundry products to suit all; sheets products are biodegradable, planet and eco-friendly available in a monthly club-based subscription model or al a carte, without commitment.

“Every day is Plastic Reduction Day at sheets,” said Campbell. “We are completely committed to revolutionizing the way you do laundry. Chemicals and plastics simply have to go and we have figured out a way to do that right now with rave reviews.”

Concluded Videau: “Sheets Laundry Club was created to be a sustainable force in our communities, our industry, and your world. We are always striving to push the high water mark a little higher for sustainability, transparency, and integrity from our product procurement through our Sustainability Program. We have a mission to create awareness in developing a plastic-free tomorrow.”

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