Sermons with Insight

The sermons and lectures in this book are not only substantial but also engaging.

Zimany examines the
historical and cultural context behind some of the important words in the Bible.”

— Roland Zimany

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, September 29, 2021 / — Sermons with Insight is a collection of sermons from retired Lutheran minister Roland Zimany. Published by First Edition Design Publishing, the book is a testament to Zimany’s expertise in biblical scholarship and theology. William H. Williman, a professor from Duke Divinity School, describes Zimany as a theologically well-informed, biblically adept, gifted communicator of the Christian faith.

The sermons contained in the book are from Zimany’s time as a Lutheran minister. Zimany offers alternative approaches to reading the scriptures at times inconsistent with fundamentalist interpretations. When the Bible is read using a western lens, readers will be prone to misreading and misinterpretations; in some cases, certain passages might even be deemed incomprehensible. These issues are addressed in the book; Zimany examines the historical and cultural context behind some of the important words in the Bible. At times, the sermons in the book urge the need to read certain passages on a symbolic level.

Aside from topics pertaining to biblical scholarship, Sermons with Insight offers wise guidelines on how to navigate life in modern society. Whether one is a seeker just starting a relationship with Christ or a lifelong Christian who longs to have a deeper understanding of the Word of God, Sermons with Insight is an essential book for every Christian.

Author Zimany has an undergraduate degree from Princeton. He was involved in business and government in the New York City area for 14 years before obtaining a master of divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary and a doctorate in religion from Duke.

He was a professor of philosophy and religion at Blackburn College.

“Sermons with Insight” is available in paperback and e-book formats. It is distributed at Authors Press, First Edition Design Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers.

Sermons with Insight
Written by Roland Zimany
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Kindle | $9.99
Book copies are available at Authors Press, Amazon, and other online book retailers.

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