SensoryCo Drops SmX-M Scenting System with New Technology For Experiential Spaces

SencoryCo SmX-M Scenting System

SencoryCo SmX-M Scenting System

SensoryCo drops SmX-M Scenting System for up-close scent interaction in experiential spaces, training scenarios, theme attractions, kiosk exhibits, & VR/AR.

THOUSAND PALMS, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 8, 2021 / — SensoryCo has released the SmX-M Scenting System to enhance its existing product line with an innovative solution that addresses the specific need for close-proximity scent interactions for training simulators, themed attractions, kiosks, exhibits, VR/AR and small experiential spaces.

Introducing authentic smells into live immersive scenarios can breathe a sense of authenticity and life into staged environments. While a strategically placed scenting system can enhance the power of persuasion and promote real retention by directly appealing to memory and emotion, participants engaged in a comprehen-sive sensory experience are enveloped into a multi-sensory world of discovery in which they can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell the action.

The SmX-M addresses a specific need in the market offering a self-contained scenting system that delivers aromas through small format tubing to target areas up to 10 feet away. Connecting scent technology with automated program controls, the SmX-M allows for easy integration with pushbuttons, motion or proximity switches, A/V, simulator, show or production control systems that activate the internal air source to distrib-ute scents.

Bryan Roe, President and CEO of SensoryCo, states, “The SmX-M Scenting System is the result of continued research and development focused on meeting the needs of training professionals, set designers, experien-tial marketing professionals, and production integrators seeking an alternative to traditional ambient scent-ing systems. The SmX-M provides a solution to deliver scent exactly where you want it; within close proximi-ty to the participant. Whether it is for a museum kiosk, a VR/AR experience or a military simulator, the scent is delivered in ‘doses’ that are pre-set in the system by release time and flow level or governed by customer controls. The SmX-M Scenting System is a self-contained unit that doesn’t require a centralized air compres-sor and gives integrators flexibility in incorporating the system into their projects due its small form.”

The SmX-M operates in conjunction with SensoryCo’s magnetic snap scent cartridges allowing for quick re-placement of expired scents. Clients may choose from SensoryCo’s extensive library of unique scents, open-ing up endless possibility for exploring new scent applications.

About SensoryCo
SensoryCo designs and manufactures special effects solutions for immersive production and entertainment industries. SensoryCo, established in 2011, is an independent corporation launched by the founders of Kool-fog, Inc. (1987) to enhance the human experience by activating sensory perception. Leading-edge scenting systems, smoke systems, and spritzers with open controls deliver authentic, unforgettable experiences using all of the senses. With SensoryCo, the “negative space” within an environment is now filled with scents, spritzes, smoke and mist. SensoryCo’s team collaborates with creative designers, curators, architects, and engineers focused on A/V, VR/AR, Themed Environments, Museums, Live Events, Experiential Marketing, Military, Law Enforcement and HAZMAT training. SensoryCo is a trusted brand found in experiential and simulated installations around the world

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