SellerApp releases a new feature for Bulk Operations in Amazon Advertising

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Bulk Operations for Amazon PPC Campaign Management

Bulk Actions is a smart solution that helps Amazon Sellers create, edit and optimize PPC campaigns with just a few clicks.

SINGAPORE, September 30, 2021 / — SellerApp( sets a milestone for Amazon businesses with its new feature on Bulk Operations. Their PPC Analyzer tool is further enhanced with a new section – Bulk actions, which helps sellers manage multiple campaigns seamlessly, save time and improve operational efficiency.

This tool is the first of its kind among all other Amazon third-party seller apps. There are multiple ways in which sellers can use the Bulk Actions tool to their advantage. Sellers with multiple campaigns running can easily manage and optimize them by leveraging this AI-powered tool.

“Amazon sellers usually have a lot on their plate – worrying about sales, inventory, funds allocation, and so on. There are countless instances where sellers struggle to maintain bulk campaigns and optimize them, due to lack of time. This often leads to higher ad spending and lower ad revenue.” said Co-Founder Brij Purohit. “With Bulk Actions, sellers now won’t need to separately optimize their bids and keywords with the bulk upload feature. Our tool is a spreadsheet-based system that enables optimizing ad campaigns, downloading files, editing metrics, and uploading them to the SellerApp dashboard. The feedback we received from our client base has been nothing short of phenomenal. We believe that this feature has the power to better the traditional Amazon PPC Bulk Operations forever.”

The Bulk Files can not only help sellers manage their campaigns, but the massive spreadsheet comprises every piece of data required to optimize the PPC ads.

At SellerApp, we generate only highly accurate AI and ML-backed strategies that facilitate businesses in data-driven decision-making. This spreadsheet contains data related to seller-sponsored ad campaigns, such as clicks, impressions, ad spend, orders, sales, ACoS, and RoAS up to 60 days from the beginning of a campaign.

According to Forbes, historical sales trends can be vital when planning for the holiday season and SellerApp enables sellers to access their data in perpetuity. From the day of sign-up, SellerApp promises to safeguard and keep all vital Amazon PPC data confidential and allows its accessibility only by the sellers themselves.

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