Scholarships For Medical Students From Dr. Suhyun An, Patrick Leung, and Texas Medical Association Minority Scholarship

Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to college students demonstrating outstanding academic performance in pursuit of a career in medicine.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2021 / — Medical school is a very rewarding and undertaking both for students and for the patients they will help in the future. Unfortunately, along with the degree often comes a mountain of student loan debt. The cost of education has continued to increase over recent years, leading to a rise in the amount of debt students pursuing a degree in medicine graduate with. Fortunately, thousands of individuals and organizations around the nation have made the decision to support the next generation of medical professionals through the formation of academic scholarships. Three current opportunities offering thousands of dollars in annual aid include The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship, The Patrick Leung, MD Student Scholarship, and the Texas Medical Association Minority Scholarship.

The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship was founded by Dr. Suhyun An, a world-renowned chiropractor, entrepreneur, author, and speaker with a passion for education. The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship aims to meet the financial needs of medical students to make the dream of donning a white coat more attainable. This scholarship awards two students $2,000 annually. Applicants and winners are eligible to apply for renewable each year. The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship is open to all students currently attending or that have been accepted to an accredited college or university with a minimum of a 3.0 weighted GPA. This scholarship requires the submission of an essay as well as 2 personal or academic references. Students can apply on the official Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship website.

The Patrick Leung, MD Medical Student Scholarship was created in 2015 by Dr. Leung and his wife Nancy. Dr. Leung has practiced medicine in Midland, Texas for over three decades. The couple established this scholarship in an effort to encourage medical students to pursue a career in family medicine. To be eligible to apply for this scholarship students must be in their fourth year of medical school. Students can review all of the eligibility requirements and submit an application by contacting the Texas Academy of Family Physicians Foundation’s Kathy McCarthy.

The William Todd Midgett Award for Superior Clinical Practice an annual scholarship award sponsored by The University of Texas. The Medical Department of the university provided support a high achieving full-time Junior medical student in the top 15% of his or her class based on cumulative GPA. Applicants must be in good standing and have never been on academic or disciplinary probation. Additionally, to be eligible students need to be the son or daughter of a physician, have attended a minimum of three academic years at Texas A&M University, and exhibit superior qualities of empathy, compassion, and understanding while establishing patients’ confidence during treatment while demonstrating high standards of ethics and professional practice.

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Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship

Patrick Leung, MD Medical Student Scholarship

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Dr. Suhyun An
Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship

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