Roomblox Creates a Unique ‘Travel Hack’ to Save Travelers on Hotel Rooms Homepage

Individuals or families can use the Roomblox platform to form a group to negotiate a discount with hotels.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2021 / — Roomblox announces the launch of its new marketplace platform aimed to unify leisure travelers to increase their purchasing power with hotels. Travelers can search the database to find groups going to the same destination on the same days. If they find a group that matches their travel needs, they can join the group. Or if no groups are available, they’re encouraged to create a new one. The marketplace is always free to travelers and it’s safe too. Members of the group never have to meet. They simply check in as they would normally.

On the other side, hotels then search for travel groups coming to their destination. The hotel can submit a private bid to compete for the group business. Like a reverse auction, the lowest bidder will win and the group is offered a special link where they can book directly with the hotel. Bidding ends 2 months before the arrival date so it gives the hotel plenty of time to plan occupancy and guarantee the rooms.

Roomblox is a win-win for everyone involved. It gives the leisure traveler a stronger position of power to negotiate with a hotel versus trying to get a discount on a single room. Just like buying products in bulk gets you a better price, a hotel gives discounted rates when you book more than 1 room. Groups can get lodging discounts as much as 60% off the hotel’s public rate.

But hotels benefit from the marketplace too because it can help them fill their rooms and increase their occupancy rate. It also helps them decrease their reliance on the online travel giants. Since Roomblox directs the group to the hotel’s booking engine, the hotel benefits from increasing their direct bookings and provides an opportunity to win customer loyalty.

Founder Danny Alexander says, “I have 7 years of experience in the hotel industry. One thing that always stuck out to me was the big discounts offered to groups. I brainstormed ways to make those discounts available to the public. In this day and age of social media, where people easily come together online for many shared interests, I had the idea to build a platform where travelers can come together to save money.”

Daniel Alexander
Roomblox LLC

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