Roofing Industry Trends for 2021: What’s Hot on the Market – From New Solar Products to Sustainability

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The Rhode Island Roofers are at the forefront of the roofing industry bringing expertise and projections for the year 2021 in the roofing and solar industries.

PROVIDENCE, RI, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — The Rhode Island Roofers are excited to announce to valued residential roofing and commercial roofing customers the roofing trends expected to hit the industry throughout 2021.

The GAF master elite certified roofing professionals have dedicated their time and energy to learning, researching, and implementing these advancements, and now is the time to execute it all across the region. The company encourages those interested in discovering more about what’s available to contact them for a complimentary consultation today.

“We care number one about providing our clients with the latest roofing trends and improvements as soon as they hit the market. We know that everything from eco-friendly roofing to recycled roofing tiles changes rapidly within the industry, and it’s our job to stay on top of the developments. With a somewhat slow season last year due to state-wide lockdowns, we hunkered down and did all the required training to be at the top of our game for 2021,” was stated by the proud owner and operator of The Rhode Island Roofers.

Green energy and solar panels have been a trend for many years, and it’s expected they will continue on the upward trajectory. Relatively new to the industry are solar tiles in Rhode Island. These are different from the large solar panels but offer added visual appeal by being implemented directly into the roofing shingles. People are passionate about saving money and protecting the planet. With solar tiles added to roofing systems, customers attain complete financial freedom from monthly utility bills. It’s also how fewer fossil fuels get burned and emitted into the atmosphere. It simultaneously cuts down on pollution and preserves the ozone.

Recycled roofing tiles in Rhode Island are another method of using eco-friendly ways to protect structures of all shapes and sizes. The roofing trend has been around for several years, but it’s one that can be expected to continue to grow throughout 2021 and beyond. Recycled roofing tiles are a combination of plastic, sand, and a colorant. The mixture goes through cycles of blending and mixing before being shaped into roof tiles and cooled. They are environmentally safe, durable, and have a life expectancy longer than that of metal roofing. Recycled roof types are shockproof, do not absorb moisture, and are simple to clean. Many are turning to this roofing trend because of the low-maintenance and reasonable price point. The Rhode Island Roofers are learning about recycled roofing tiles each day. They are prepared to do roof installations for anyone interested in an eco-friendly roofing replacement or new roof construction completed.

Finally, an update in 2021 The Rhode Island Roofers has been updating themselves on are roofing color trends for Rhode Island. So many think of roofing shingles and go for basic black, brown, or grey hues. However, the color selected for a roof installation can significantly impact curb appeal and home value. At the top of the list for roofing color trends in Rhode Island for 2021 are light and soft greens, beige and off white, light and pale blues, and light brown and taupe. Deciding what color roof shingle goes best with a structure depends on the siding and other exterior feature shades implemented. For example, darker roofs are suggested for red buildings, while white houses create the most significant aesthetic appeal with primary colors like green, red, or blue.

One of the GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractors stated, “The only way to know what roofing color trend in Rhode Island will be most suitable is by making an appointment for a complimentary consultation. We are trained in both roofing services and design, and we love going over the plethora of options with our customers. Many are surprised at just how many selections are available, making it equally enjoyable for them and us. Not only that, but it’s an excellent way to build a relationship with our clientele. They get to know us, and we form a mutual trust that’s essential to have the most stress-free and desirable experience for what can otherwise seem daunting and overwhelming.”

Eco-friendly roofing, solar tiles, and recycled roofing tiles are just a fraction of the trends that The Rhode Island Roofers have studied to this point. Watch for more roofing color trends, green roofs, and metal roofing progressions in the coming months through The Rhode Island Roofers.

To find out about the roofing industry trends in 2021, you’re encouraged to explore The Rhode Island Roofers user-friendly website at Here you are able to research everything from roofing services to roof materials, and you can request a free estimate for what you’re looking to have accomplished. A friendly and knowledgeable representative is reachable by calling (401) 496-9491 or emailing

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