Robert Walter Brandenburg Talks the Importance of Digital Marketing Amid COVID-19

Robert Walter Brandenburg Talks the Importance of Digital Marketing Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA, January 5, 2021 / — Small businesses are struggling amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, novelty stores, bookstores, bars, and more are all facing uncertain, challenging conditions. Many big chains face headwinds as well, but have more resources at their disposal. Fortunately, small businesses may close the gap with bigger competitors and find success through effective digital marketing efforts. That’s why digital marketing guru Robert Walter Brandenburg is going to share some valuable marketing insights.

“Most importantly,” Robert Walter Brandenburg says, “digital channels give you an opportunity to engage with your customers and audience even as lockdowns fall into place and people maintain their social distance.”

Foot traffic for brick-and-mortar restaurants has fallen dramatically in recent months. CBS News reports that foot traffic declined 55 percent in April, compared to January. With COVID-19 going through a winter surge, even those consumers who were venturing out may find new reasons to stay at home.

“Foot traffic is a lifeline for restaurants and other businesses. In many cities, it’s been wiped out,” Robert Walter Brandenburg notes. “If you’re a restaurant, however, you can use certain apps, like DoorDash, to move food and other products.”

Food delivery apps have enjoyed a huge surge amid COVID-19. They allow customers to easily and safely get food delivered. However, they can be expensive for customers and businesses alike,” Robert Walter Brandenburg argues.

So how can you maintain or lower costs with digital strategies? Robert Walter Brandenburg suggests setting up your own delivery and pickup services, which you can advertise through social media, your website, and other channels.

“If possible, you should find your own delivery drivers. Setting up a delivery system is difficult but may prove worth it in the long-run. Even after the pandemic passes, ordering in may remain popular,” Robert Walter Brandenburg suggests.

Setting up delivery services is one thing. But how do you draw attention and get customers to use your services?

“Social media and your website offer powerful channels to raise awareness,” Robert Walter Brandenburg notes. “From there, you can encourage people to use your own services with discounts and offers, like say a free appetizer when you buy two meals for pickup through your website.”

Robert Walter Brandenburg on Preparing for the Post-Pandemic World
Thankfully, vaccines are now being distributed in some countries and early results suggest they’re very effective. Some experts believe that bringing the pandemic under control is possible in the not so distant future. Robert Walter Brandenburg says that businesses should prepare for post-pandemic life now so they can get off to a fast start.

“Digital marketing will allow you to keep audiences engaged. Email, social media, your website, you name it. When social distancing eases, a lot of people are going to want to unwind after being cooped up for so long,” Robert Walter Brandenburg points out. “You can start fast with a grand reopening, perhaps seasonal sales for stores, or special happy hours for restaurants.”

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