Rick Newcombe, Founder and Chairman of Creators Syndicate, On How We Must Make Workouts Fun and Love Them

Rick Newcombe

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, has many athletic pursuits, which include kite-surfing, daily singles tennis and two “extreme” bike rides a week. Recently, he started lifting weights for the first time.

“There are two themes to The Magic of Lifting Weights. One is that lifting light weights with good form will help you feel youthful into your seventies, eighties and nineties,” states Rick Newcombe, Founder and Chairman of Creators Syndicate. “The other is that the best workout is the one you like enough to keep doing it.”

There have been reports in the media recently that President Joe Biden, as well as Mr. Branson, start their days by lifting weights with a personal trainer. Both men are in their seventies, and the experts tell them that the best way to feel youthful is resistance training, which is an important message in The Magic of Lifting Weights. Newcombe writes that hiring a good personal trainer is “the best investment you can make.”

“I am not surprised that Joe Biden and Richard Branson are both lifting weights in their seventies,” Newcombe said. “But Branson has taken it a step further by making his exercise some of the most enjoyable parts of his day.”
Branson starts his days off with a walk around his private island with his dogs. Every morning, he will play quite a hard game of singles tennis, generally with the pro Riza [Zalameda, the tennis coach at Necker Island]. He does that every morning and evening because he loves tennis, and it’s one of Branson’s favorite ways of keeping fit and healthy.

Newcombe continues, “Richard Branson says he feels twenty at age seventy. His kite-surfing, tennis, bike rides and long walks are exercises that he enjoys doing. They’re fun for him, and that’s the key.”

After his early morning exertions, Branson’s secretary turns up and they do another walk around the island, dictating emails and getting on top of work issues, which there have been plenty of over the last 15 months. If [the extended family] is on the island, they will have breakfast together. Then after breakfast, if there isn’t some sort of crisis workwise or with the foundation, if the wind’s up, Branson tries to get a kite in. If the waves are up, he will maybe go for a surf or a paddleboard, but kiting is Branson’s other passion.

“Oprah Winfrey exercises too, but she says that is the one part of her life that she doesn’t really enjoy. She does it for the benefits,” concludes Newcombe. “But I wish she would take a cue from Mr. Branson and figure out how to make her workouts fun, the way he does. That’s the formula for sticking with it for a lifetime. As for lifting weights, it was because Richard Branson and Joe Biden sought the help of knowledgeable personal trainers who convinced them that weight training is essential to feeling youthful as we age.”

The Magic of Lifting Weights is Newcombe’s personal story of becoming a “bodybuilder for life” while building a multimillion-dollar media company, and his discovery that the best benefit from lifting weights is that it keeps you feeling young in your “golden years.”


Rick Newcombe is the founder and chairman of Creators Syndicate and Creators Publishing. He has syndicated Ann Landers, Hunter S. Thompson, Thomas Sowell, Molly Ivins, Ben Shapiro, and Hillary Clinton, as well as Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonists Herblock, Mike Luckovich, Michael Ramirez, and Bill Mauldin. Creators Syndicate revolutionized the comic strip industry by granting cartoonists ownership rights to their creations, upending a system of syndicate ownership dating back to the days of William Randolph Hearst. The New York Times called Newcombe “a superhero for cartoonists.” Creators currently represents some of the world’s best comic strips, columns, and political cartoons. Creators Publishing has more than two hundred titles, including dozens of Amazon bestsellers.

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