and Imagine Labs partner to revolutionize revenue growth management in the MENA region

Revenue Ai and Imagine Labs partnerships

Revenue Ai and Imagine Labs partnerships

Changing Revenue Management with AI

Changing Revenue Management with AI

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Partnering with will help us bring a new perspective to how revenue growth management is done in the MENA region.”

— Bashar Aboul Hosn, CEO, Imagine Labs

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS, July 15, 2021 / —, a revolutionary pioneer in domain-specific AI Automation for Revenue Management, and Imagine Labs, a leading communications and technology solutions provider, have partnered to introduce the next generation of revenue growth management to CPG, Retail, Medical & Life Sciences and, Commodity Trading industries in the MENA region.

In a world powered by cutting-edge technology, where business landscapes and consumer behaviors shift and change at a moment’s notice, it is vital for companies to be able to make data-driven decisions in the shortest possible time to ensure lean and profitable performance.’s robotic automation Revenue Management Platform with a Virtual Center of Excellence, state of the art AI algorithms, helps eliminate the desk function ‘middle-man’ work of the internal teams by directly helping Revenue Management department users by automating the work.

Sifting through tons of data, Revenue AI helps decision-makers to reduce costs and manage products via effective pricing. You can have a helicopter view of your portfolio as well as the ecosystem of your competitors. Boost your business online and offline, reach the maximum effect of sales and profit by effective promotion management. Hit your business targets in seconds by identifying the best product pricing mix from millions of potential variations, prepared in advance. Create competitive, successful promotion actions to sustain your market growth with “what-if” scenarios on-demand. Virtual intelligent assistants empower and assist you with full-time access and more under the umbrella of one holistic platform.

You plug in data and does the rest. Say goodbye to routine and ordinary decisions that cost your business, customers, and income. takes this a step further, offering users a smart, multi-platform Virtual and Intelligent Assistant that offers a user-friendly experience into the world of data analytics and revenue growth management.

Forming the future of Revenue Management decision making today!

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Revenue AI
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