Rentome Offers Universal Letting Solution for the UK Rental Market

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I am excited about the launch of our new venture in the property sector and it compliments the rest of our group companies”

— Mohammed Niraz Buhari

WATFORD, HERTFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, September 16, 2021 / — The process of renting a house was made all the more difficult in the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic shutdown it brought with it.

In fact, finding a place to live even now is not much easier than it was at the height of the pandemic and this is not even to mention how complicated the process can often be for both landlords and tenants in a good season.

For tenants and landlords that want a wealth of options at their fingertips, Rentome offers a universal letting solution for the UK rental market that helps landlords and tenants from the start of their search all the way through to final signatures on the rental agreement.

Here are just a few of the ways that Rentome is changing the UK letting game for the better:

Applicant Viewing and Management

There are many database management companies out there, but few offer the scope that Rentome gives its clients. From background checks and beyond, applicant viewing and management gives landlords a macro view of the process and lets you control it from start to finish.

Financials and Reporting

When it comes time to reporting financials for accounting and tax purposes, Rentome makes the collection of this data quick and efficient. Further, it presents this data in a way that makes sense. Giving landlords and property managers access to this kind of information in a systematic fashion that is easily accessible and makes sense to the reader lets your team make strategic decisions with the best available data Rentome can offer them.

Property and Workflow Management

Track projects at your properties as they progress and make sure your contractors are staying on target. This is especially ideal for managers working with multiple properties that each have their own needs.

Document Collation

Keep all of the critical tenancy information in one place for easy access and referral. Not only does this give you all of the data you could ever need with regards to your properties but it also organizes it in a systematic fashion that makes it easy to get the information that you want when you need it.

Tenancy Management

Rentome lets you review tenancy agreements so that you and your team know when certain properties are up for renewal. If you are juggling multiple properties, this can help you control the process of issuing renewals, putting up advertisements, scanning for new tenants, and much, much more! Rentome’s tenancy management options mean that there is an uninterrupted flow to your operations, keeping your properties occupied and your bank account healthy.

A Universal Property Management Portal Accessible from Anywhere

Thanks to Rentome’s industry-leading app, landlords have all of the critical information they need right at their fingertips anytime they need it. Gone are the days of shuffling through files or struggling to find the right tenant. With Rentome’s awesome, convenient solutions, landlords and property managers will find that their operations are more efficient, more profitable, and better managed over time.

The C&C Group CEO, Mohammed Niraz Buhari said “I am excited about the launch of our new venture in the property sector and it compliments the rest of our group companies and its vision. In the leadership of our newly appointed Rentome CEO, Chetan Mankar, I am confident this venture will reach great heights in the coming future.”.

Head of Operations from Repair Network Chris Beasley said ” Everyone at Repair Network is excited to have partnered with Rentome as an exclusive Property Repair and Maintainance provider. All our staff members and field engineers are ready to serve the landlords of Rentome and provide an excellent customer service.”.

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