Relationships Matter: Nursing Home Owner Akash Brahmbhatt Explains How Socialization In Nursing Homes Benefits Residents

Akash Brahmbhatt shares why social relationships are so important later in life

Akash Brahmbhatt shares why social relationships are so important later in life

Relationships Are Key to Happiness at All Ages, Explains Akash Brahmbhatt

SPRING, TX, USA, September 28, 2021 / — Relationships are an important part of a healthy life at all ages, and that includes in a person’s golden years, says nursing home owner Akash Brahmbhatt. It can be especially important for older people who do not get much social interaction to schedule activities that allow them to spend time with others. Here, Akash Brahmbhatt shares why social relationships are so important later in life, and what nursing homes can do to ensure that their residents get plenty of chances to enjoy the company of others. 

Prioritizing Relationships in Nursing Home Facilities — Akash Brahmbhatt Explains Why It Matters

There are many reasons why it’s important for administrators in senior care facilities to prioritize socialization among residents, according to Akash Brahmbhatt

Benefits of strong social relationships for older adults include: 

A sense of belonging — Many older adults who previously found their place in the world through taking care of children or functioning as an integral part of a business may struggle as their children grow up or as they move into retirement. Socialization allows them to feel an important sense of community once again. 

Improved mental health — Interacting with others in a social setting can create an influx of feel-good hormones in the brain. This can, in turn, positively affect other aspects of an older adult’s mental health. 

Increased confidence — Older adults who engage in social opportunities may find that they feel an increased sense of confidence after the event. This can be due to both positive social interactions and due to learning a new skill at a social event. 

What to Look For in a Nursing Home
When choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility for an older loved one, Akash Brahmbhatt recommends talking with administrators about social opportunities that are readily available to residents. You may also want to visit on a day during which such opportunities are offered to get a sense of whether the facility is a good fit for your loved one. 

Helping Your Older Loved One Connect
If you’re concerned that your loved one’s socialization needs are not being met by their nursing home or assisted living facility, it’s smart to talk with an administrator, according to Akash Brahmbhatt. You can also help meet your loved one’s needs for socialization by visiting often, and by encouraging other relatives to do the same. If off-campus trips are an option for your loved one, talk with them about scheduling an activity they’ll enjoy. 

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