Real Estate Expert Karen Norris Forecasts the Year’s Top 5 CRE Market Trends

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Karen Norris, the esteemed Los Angeles-based real estate entrepreneur shares deep insights into converging post-pandemic factors shaping the commercial markets

As the post-pandemic dust begins to settle, 2021 is already showing signs of new opportunities for savvy investors who pay heed to the trends as they emerge.”

— Karen Norris

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2021 / — As Founder and President of the esteemed Next Level Luxury Group, Karen Norris and her team have earned their place as one of the country’s preeminent full-service Real Estate Concierge firms specializing in commercial property management, luxury residential property management, and multi-family management currently managing a client portfolio valued at over $175 million. Nationally recognized for her commercial property and luxury estate management expertise as well as her philanthropic contributions—including having served on the Board of Directors for the Century City Chamber of Commerce and the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce — it’s no surprise that Norris would have a wealth of valuable insights to share regarding real estate trends.

With an extensive history of identifying and capitalizing on such trends year after year, Norris pulled back the curtain to share with readers her expert picks for the Top 5 CRE Real Estate Trends that are beginning to emerge in the pandemic aftermath.

“As a long-term Californian and a veteran of the real estate community, I’ve witnessed a number of seismic shifts to commercial real estate over the years,” says Norris, a reflection of her 20 years as a luminary of the industry. “And as the post-pandemic dust is beginning to settle, 2021 is already showing signs of significant disruption to come. But with these changes, new opportunities will arise for savvy investors who pay heed to the trends as they emerge.”

While it’s certain that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the global economy—and on the CRE industry as a whole—Norris maintains an enduring optimism, and explains that the outlook could be favorable for the right investors in the years to come.

“It’s no secret that the commercial real estate industry is feeling the effects of an uncertain 2021, but there is a historic opportunity for us to reimagine the uses for certain physical spaces,” explains Norris, alluding to one of the key trends in her forecast. “Take abandoned retail centers, for example, where potential post-pandemic uses could include any number of mixed-use spaces, from logistics facilities to other live/work concepts that are ripe for our current remote-work environment.”

With so many factors seemingly changing by the day—and with so much at stake for investors as a whole—it can be challenging to make sense of the shifting real estate market today. That’s why the veteran real estate investment and property management guru decided to share her expertise with readers, detailing five of the most significant trends that have begun to take shape in 2021. Investors can explore the trends at Next Level Luxury Group, In-The-News section.

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