Read to Kids US Inc Uses Literacy to Help Families and Dogs

Read to Kids US Inc logo features a smiling characture of Arry the red poodle.

Read to Kids US Inc is a new non-profit which encourages grandparents and parents to read to their kids.

Headshot photo of Arry the red poodle

Arry is a miniature red poodle from Arizona, who inspired the Adventures of Arry children’s book series.

The cover of Arry's latest book--the Dog Who Went to the Doctor--shows Arry at the veterinarian's.

Arry’s latest book (The Dog Who Went to the Doctor),which is designed for 3-6 year olds, is in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon. Part of the proceeds will go to the Arizona Humane Society, a favorite charity of the South Point Animal Clinic featured in the book.

A new non-profit, called Read to Kids US Inc, encourages grandparents & parents to read to their children every day.

If people can set aside time for Pilates and cooking shows, they can also benefit from sparing 15 minutes a day to relax and read a story with a child.”

— Denise Meridith

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 / — While closeted during the COVID-19 pandemic, parents probably learned more about their children and their dogs than they would ever have before. Denise Meridith, a former professor, youth sports leader and freelance reporter, thought it would be an opportunity to enhance the bonds among grandparents, parents and children, by spending some of that time reading together. She has created a new non-profit—Read to Kids US Inc—which encourages grandparents and parents to read to children.

Two years ago, Meridith created the Adventure of Arry series on, which follows her miniature red poodle Arry, as he learns and shares lessons about life. Each colorful story can be read in a few minutes and is designed for children three to six years old.

“If people can set aside time for Pilates and cooking shows,” says Meridith, “They can also benefit from sparing 15 minutes a day to relax and read a story with a child.”

Art O’Hagan, a tax incentive specialist and a Senior Advisor with Stryde Savings, said: “I have purchased dozens of Arry’s books for my relatives and friends’ children. They have ALL loved the books. Several of the kids want to meet Arry. One kid even stole his Mom’s “Arry socks” and wore them as knee-highs.” O’Hagan has donated many autographed copies of Arry’s adventures to children of Arizona nurses he met the past year.

Now, Meridith has assembled a small group of diverse children book writers and allies to grow her read-to-kids initiative. As a 501(c)3, Read to Kids US Inc will benefit a variety of both children’s and pet charities. For instance, a portion of the sales of Arry’s latest book “The Dog Who Went to the Doctor,” which features the real-life South Point Animal Clinic, will go to the Arizona Humane Society.

The other authors, whose work will be promoted on the website and on social media include Rodo Sofranac, Caren Cantrell and Lynn F. Austin. Parenting advice will be provided by monthly “Ask Dr. Sally” columns written by Dr. Sally Goldberg. Select services (e.g. Bella Media Marketing), influencers (e.g., Instagram friend Melissa Ho) and products will be highlighted.

Future activities will include Arry’s Fan Club with promotional items (e.g., the poodle socks), art/photo/writing contests, and in-person author and Arry appearances. Maybe some of the kids O’Hagan mentioned will get to meet Arry in person later this year. Social media will be staffed by student interns.

Read to Kids US Inc is seeking relevant sponsors, influencers, and pediatricians or other children or pet product/service providers for donations, promotions and book purchases. The non-profit, in turn, will make monetary and product donations to deserving children and dog charities. Interested people can contact To promote launch of the non-profit this week, free copies of the first Kindle book—The Dog Who Wished He Could Fly—will be available on on Saturday July 17. Kindle-published books are now more accessible to everyone as there is a free app that enables reading on any phone, tablet or desktop.

“With post-pandemic family life returning to hectic school/work schedules, it is even more important to carve out that few, calm minutes a day to continue this new habit, to create new life-long, positive memories for children.” Meridith says. “Grandparents are now familiar with Zoom and Kindle copies are prevalent and inexpensive. So distance or social distancing should not be an excuse for staying in touch.”

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