“raconteuria” – A Franchise Oriented Quasi-National Entity formally declares independence with goodwills to the world

National Flag of raconteuria

National Flag of raconteuria

Claritism Book Cover

Claritism Book Cover

“raconteuria” – the Declaration of Independence for a FOQNE and unveiling of technologies that manifest Universal Equality and Enlightened Industrial Revolution

Tools To Tell Thy Tales”

— James C. Lin

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, September 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — This press release serves as the declaration of independence for “raconteuria.” It is a Franchise Oriented Quasi-National Entity ( FOQNE ) as defined by American novelist Neal Stephenson in Snow Crash. The constitution is called “Claritism – Remove Humanity to Rebuild It and Repair Earth.”

Goodwills to the world community

As a gesture of goodwill, “raconteuria” introduces the technologies behind Claritism to the world as public domain knowledge and invites allies to join the cause. With our collective efforts, they will be ready for global deployment by December 01, 2021.

1. Missile8964 Hardware Reference Design- a paradigm shift in Industrial Design called “Open Connection Architecture.” It enables every nation on Earth to start manufacturing computers, smartphones, special-purpose, and consumer electronics locally to bring jobs home. Every country will have the capability to build portable supercomputers of any desired configuration with an unlimited power supply. Missile8964 will drastically reduce the strain on natural resources humanity is currently placing on Earth. It is also a viable method to manifest global OLPC, the One Laptop Per Child initiative.

2. AntiC8964 Linux OS – based on secure Linux distros Septor/Tails/PureOS. The design of this distro aims to block all unnecessary network packets to social media and undesirable regimes from the OS level.

3. Sosumi8964 Browser – a paradigm shift in the topology of the world wide web and the internet. It comes in the following forms:
– A peer-to-peer web browser that employs blockchain technology to enable crystal finances as defined by Claritism. In addition, it forbids all client-side scripting languages. Coupled with Missile8964 hardware, it allows users complete ownership and control over content created and private data.
– A paradigm shift in UIUX Design called “Lennon Wall Metaphor” introduces a charity layer to online advertising that prevents unethical data collection. The concept is to force advertisers to directly sponsor local needs to obtain advertising privileges to any geographical location. This new UIUX re-sequencing enables the Crystal Finance and subsequent Sponsored-Anarchy.
– A formatting language called MarkOut that empowers distributed networks. Direct selling of content and products from original producers becomes a one-step process. There will be no need for registration with any centralized and gigantic, yet intermediary services. It treats all social media as what they are: “media-format providers” and provides a mechanism to phase them out.

All stated above will be public domain for global consumption. “raconteuria” invites the world community to join the cause and participate in the development. Visit our Youtube channel “raconteuria by Claritism” for detailed videos.

Ultimate Goals

1. “Universal Equality” – all nations and living beings, regardless of gender, race, language, age, sexual orientation, enjoy equal access to technologies, resources, opportunities, and justified rewards of all kinds. The foundation for Universal Equality is Crystal Finance – refers to no banks, no stock exchange, no venture capitalists, no permanent real estate purchases. Everything in Claritism is documented down to the last penny and made available for public viewing to ensure no hidden power exists within economic activities to exercise discrimination of any kind. It is also the belief of Claritism that humanity should start rewarding mental and labor works that produce tangibles, such as contents, goods, and services directly. As such Claritism frown upon money games that focus on generating income from investments.

2. “Enlightened Industrial Revolution” – With Missile8964, transporting finished and packaged products from a single assembly nation to the rest of the world is unnecessary. Therefore there is also no need for the associated packaging materials to protect the perfection of “new products.” Once Missile8964 is activated, only necessary raw materials need to be shipped internationally. It allows Earth to take a breather and repair itself from now on. Our priority is to heal and repair Earth before star-gazing to other solar systems.

3. “Priority Earth”- “raconteuria” believes humanity should make healing and repairing Earth the top and only priority for technology and business efforts. Star-gazing can wait because without healing Earth first, we will just be reproducing past mistakes on other innocent and pristine planets.

Foreign Policy

“raconteuria” welcomes enlightened nations who wish to establish mutual official diplomatic relationships and enroll their language, culture, and intellectual data into “Soliloque.” As a token of appreciation, architecture and civil engineering paradigm shifts will be shared with allied nations to stop and revert the ill effects of unwanted property investments of the past from presently hostile nations. It is also the next step of the Enlightened Industrial Revolution to further repair Earth with fewer resource drains and strains.

The power behind “raconteuria” and financial sources

1. Soliloque – “Blueprint For The Technological Singularity.” Soliloque is an approach to Artificial General Intelligence that uses a software text engine. It provides a user interface to download thining threads to the computer via cumulative interactions. It also graphically unifies all natural languages. Soliloque is the foundation technology of “raconteuria.”
2. Claritism – Remove Humanity To Rebuild It and Repair Earth. Our socioeconomic theory and the constitution of “raconteuria.”
3. Soutache – Braided Reality Network. It braids two extremities outside of the virtuality continuum and makes physical passwords and physical encryption possible. It is extreme cybersecurity without biometrics, facial recognition, and text-based password. Soutache is available on a contract basis.
4. Eveil – The Singularity Makeover. War Vessel Design via system-wide UIUX Re-Sequencing. A contract-based service is available to our allied forces to ensure what we mutually believe in is protected.
5. Soleil – “Invention on Demand.” Soleil custom invent products, industries, and paradigm shift technologies. They work with environmental, natural, and human resource constraints of any locale. Soleil is available as midterm partnerships based solely on mutual financial benefits.

Details on “raconteuria” as a FOQNE entity and how to apply for citizenship are available on our website. Visit deraconteur.com and follow the appropriate links for details.

James C. Lin

Missile8964 HW Ref. Design

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