Pure Food Company Celebrating 6th Year in Business

An industry leader in wellness products made from real, organic, plant-based food has reached a new milestone.

ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), more than half of all businesses fail within the first five years of opening its doors for business. But thanks to hard work, dedication, and a commitment to customer services, Michigan-based Pure Food Company is celebrating six years in business.

“We consider it an honor and privilege to serve our customers for the past six years,” said Scott Christ, owner of Pure Food Company.

Pure Food Company uses a powerful blend of proven, antioxidant-rich, superfood ingredients that support GI health and immunity. The company, which recently partnered with Forgotten Harvest and their parent company, Feeding America (https://www.feedingamerica.org/), the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, began in 2014, according to Christ, as a pretty crappy idea – a spice of the month club.

“Fortunately, I wasn’t too proud to share my idea with a group of people much smarter than me and they told me in so many words that I needed to either re-focus or keep my day job,” Christ recalled before adding, “After three to four ‘pivots’ – the oft-overused business term, I finally realized something: I needed to stop trying to create a product and instead develop a whole new category, in the words of marketing guru Seth Godin. You see, I couldn’t find a single protein powder that didn’t have some type of filler, “natural” flavor, sweetener, or other junk ingredient. On top of that, I learned that 98% of protein powder companies source most of their ingredients from China – that’s why those big tubs are so cheap.’”

Christ said that he decided to create the world’s first Plant-based Protein Powder with 100 percent organic, real food ingredients plus probiotics, with no added sugar, gums, “flavors”, or other junk.

“Surprisingly, nobody else was doing it,” said Christ. “Sure, plenty of companies used “clean protein powder” and “sustainably sourced ingredients” in their marketing materials, but none of them were actually practicing what they preached – those ingredient list and nutrition labels are objective sources of truth.”

Christ revealed that he spent the next six months testing different ingredients, vetting suppliers, and analyzing unique combinations of real, superfood ingredients. In August 2015, Christ launched the company’s first product, Pure Food Cacao Protein Powder.

“I filled, sealed, and packed the first 500 bags myself, which took me almost a month,” Christ said. “Then came the second one, Pure Food Vanilla Protein Powder in January 2016.”

In addition to celebrating its sixth year in business, Pure Food Company also received recognition in 2020 and 2021 as a Five-Star Warrior Airdrop Partner from an organization called HeroGrown for donating over $250,000 worth of CBD products to help veterans in need.

For more information, visit https://www.purefoodcompany.com/about-pure-food-company/ and https://www.purefoodcompany.com/blog/.


About Pure Food Company

As a small, family-owned business trying to compete with mega-corporations who put profits over health, we believe what wins hearts and minds is when products (and the people behind them) are REAL. That’s why all Pure Food products are made from real, organic, plant-based food instead of chemicals and junk your body (and our planet) doesn’t need.

We use a powerful blend of proven, antioxidant-rich, superfood ingredients that support GI health and immunity.

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