Privateum (PVM) Jumps 158% and 2.9 Million In Volume With First Listing

PVM jumps 158% after its first listing

PVM got listed on XT Exchange


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 / — Privateum Initiative (PVM), the only private, secure, global, and sustainable financial crypto platform has successfully listed on its first exchange with its utility token, $PVM. PVM trading started on August 27th on Hours later, the PVM token soared to 158%, securing a spot among the exchange’s top gainers. The listing represented a crucial step forward, with the token’s value rising from $0.7402 ending $1.58 with almost 3 million in volume within 24 hours.

“We are very pleased with the success of our PVM token first day listing on our first exchange,” said Gevorg Airapetian, Co-Founder and CTO of Privateum. “We want to thank all our supporters and key partners, Luna PR, Enke Systems, amazing community members, professional team and everyone who believed in our idea, and trusted our experience.”

Previously, PVM, a BEP-20 token developed to support ecosystem’s development, was only tradable on PancakeSwap and 1inch. However, investors now have more options to buy PVM. PVM quadrupled its price in the last four months. With a market cap of over $130 million, the PVM token is currently trading at $1.69 as of this writing.

“It’s rare to see a listing go so well, but that was our expectation after partnering with Privateum and understanding what they are capable of. We look forward to watching their success,” said Ada Too, Co-Founder at Exchange.

Privateum Initiative is the only legally protected, secure, and environmentally safe cooperative crypto platform, which developed its utility token to guarantee holders direct access to the private asset management resources, transaction services, and partner’s business network.

In comparison to certain lobbying structures, banks, and well-known hedge funds, legal entities like cooperative institutions provide multiple advantages such as consolidating the purchasing power of its members, increasing competitiveness, enhancing market presence stability and boosting public advocacy for the protection of financial liberties.

As a cooperative ecosystem, Privateum offers a decentralized alternative with global technology and no transaction fees. Audited by Cetik, the platform operates under a consortium blockchain to provide a legal solution of secure and non-traceable private asset management. In this regard, PVM token holders have exclusive access to Privateum’s partner ecosystem’s private asset management resources, transaction services, and commercial network.

“Our PVM token first-day listing has been a tremendous success for a first exchange listing. I want to express my gratitude to our supporters, community members, and professional team, who believed in our vision and trusted our expertise.,” said Alex Shtern, Co-Founder and CEO of Privateum. “We are proud of our hard work, meticulous architectural decisions, innovative design enhancements, necessary security due diligence, and, most importantly, our dedicated community who supported us towards this significant achievement.”

Privateum selected XT exchange due to the demand for a credible exchange aligned with the project’s deep technology capabilities, platform security, and stability.

About is a Hong Kong-based company that was founded in July 2018. Quickly becoming a leading currency trading service provider globally, the exchange takes a microservice approach to develop matching engines and ensure operation maintenance to support fast and secure OTC transactions. was the first trading platform to provide interest-free leverage, which helped the exchange expand its customer base. Furthermore, the exchange offers a considerably low transaction fee and multi-regional support for languages such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc. has a significant presence in over 100 countries and currently serves over 1 million members worldwide. is the world’s first Social Infused Exchange that provides financial security, a high-performance matching engine, and a community trading model.

To know more about, visit their Website, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Privateum

The ONLY Private, Secure, Global, and Sustainable FinTech Crypto Platform.
Privateum is an innovative financial crypto platform that brings together legal entities, financial partners and individuals. It provides its members with a secure and private way of exchanging funds, services and goods within its cooperative ecosystem operating on Binance Smart Chain and private Ethereum network.

To know more about Privateum, visit their Website, Twitter, Medium, and Telegram.

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