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Email deliverability audits and customised email deliverability checklists help in improving email deliverability

Email Marketers often think that email deliverability is a function of email infrastructure and they keep focusing on making changes to the email services providers and email sending system”

— Sandeep Saxena, CEO of Postbox Consultancy Services

INDIA, August 26, 2021 / — Postbox Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd is an email deliverability consultancy company based in India. The company is currently focused to help email marketers in implementing email marketing and email deliverability best practices.

Most of the businesses rely on emails for various kinds of communication with their customers. These may be financial transactions, different kinds of reminders, promotions or newsletters. And timely delivery of these emails is of utmost importance for all businesses small or large.

On top of it, it is absolutely essential that emails go to inbox of the customer or subscriber. In email industry the term which is used to measure the inbox capability is called deliverability.

Email deliverability basically measures the percentage of emails that are meaningfully delivered to the inbox, which makes a campaign successful.

The biggest fear for an email marketer is his emails going to spam. After all of his hard work on setting up the system, gathering required information, writing email copy and designing the template when he runs a test he figures out that emails have gone to spam.

On the other hand, email providers have a big task daily to stop millions and billions of spam emails from reaching inboxes. Big email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook have written very complex and intelligent algorithms to identify spam emails but unfortunately many genuine emails are caught by spam filters and are put to spam.

This is where Postbox Consultancy Company comes into picture and helps email marketers to implement email deliverability best practices.

“Email Marketers often think that email deliverability is a function of email infrastructure and they keep focusing on making changes to the email services providers and email sending system” said Sandeep Saxena, CEO of Postbox Consultancy Services. “What they miss is that there are number of other things in their process, design and list segments which need to be fixed and these fixes can’t be done overnight”

Postbox Services helps by conducting a deliverability audit and their audits are very detailed which helps to identify issues in email infrastructure, content, emails frequency, list building practices, domain and IP reputation. Once the audit is done and issues are identified it becomes easier to lay down a well defined strategy, fix the identified issues, define the KPIs and monitor the success.

Apart from technical fixes Postbox Services also helps email marketers to implement all best practices because unless the correct practices are followed just tuning infrastructure won’t help. For this purpose the company has developed an email deliverability checklist.

If you’re looking for the right steps to boost your email deliverability rates, then here are some of the best practices to be followed. First of all, make sure your subscribers completely understand what they’re signing for and be 100% transparent in the signup process. Second, avoid to buy or rent email lists as it never proves to be a good idea. In fact, it is illegal in some countries. Third, your emails become more effective when subscribers are themselves interested to receive them. Keep a track of spam complaints to find out the reasons why recipients are marking your mails as spam. Last but not the least, consider implementing a double opt-in, so that the targeted users themselves confirm their subscription through a link shared on their email address. Make a habit of creating relevant, crisp and interactive mail content that your recipients would want to read.

These are some of the practices you can start with. On technical side Postbox Consultancy Services helps in developing different email delivery streams for your different email segments. As part of the implementation milestone Postbox Services also helps the email marketers in picking up the right inbox placement testing tool and making the tool a part of day to day activities.

Email deliverability is an important area and its not recommended that companies leave it to be taken care by someone who comes with a different skill set like email marketing or email design. But at same time you may not need a full time deliverability expert and this is where a deliverability company like Postbox Consultancy Services can help.

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