“When It’s All Done” by Jasmine Ortiz-New Single Debuting 10/8/2021

With back-to-back singles reaching over 5.6 Million Views on YouTube, Jasmine Ortiz is ready to turn up the heat this Fall!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jacqueline Yvette Public Relations introduces the release of the highly anticipated single and music video for “When It’s All Done” by Pop Sensation Jasmine Ortiz. The single and music video will be released on 10/8/2021.

Jasmine shows no signs of slowing down with back-to-back singles reaching over a combined 5.6 million views on YouTube. In her upcoming single, Jasmine turns up the heat in this steamy and electric music video as she elevates past toxic energy and frenemies. In this single, Jasmine hopes to inspire others that have encountered the pain associated with an unhealthy friendship and the drama with this kind of roller coaster relationship.

Frequently, we stay stuck in relationships hoping things will get better, but Jasmine reminds us that we cannot ignore the signs and force a relationship when in reality, we must make our own mental and emotional health a priority. It is very easy to fall into the trap that we must self-sacrifice our happiness to minimize any drama, but there is a blossoming phase associated with undergoing change and making yourself a priority. Motivated to showcase the value of self-worth, Jasmine boldly displays her confidence as a woman and growing onto higher milestones.

This new single is the third to be released with her Multi-Platinum Producer Cesar Da Emperor. For Jasmine, this single is very memorable as the energy in the studio was electric, with the lyrics being completed in two hours and the overall production completed in four hours. Co-written by Cesar Da Emperor, this single is already expected to go viral! Cesar Da Emperor is no stranger to the music industry and has worked with some of the most prominent artists, which include Post Malone, Tyga, Chris Brown, and Diplo, to name a few.

This Fall, Jasmine is back in the studio with Grammy Nominated Producer Sak Noel, who has worked with very elite artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Maroon 5, Sean Paul, and Pitbull to innovate her sound. On top of being in her final year at The University of Miami, this multi-lingual and multi-talented artist is one to keep on your radar not only for her musical capabilities, but for her passion of transforming our world in every possible way!

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