Philly Sketch Comedy Duo Launch the Hysterical new “Teez That Talk T.V.” YouTube Channel

America needs humor more than ever. The new YouTube channel “Teez That Talk T.V.” have stepped up to solve this problem, with five-star sketch comedy.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2021 / — With everything happening surrounding the pandemic, it’s easy for many people to feel down. If ever there was a good time to lighten the mood, it’s now. Teez That Talk LLC are here to help. Based in Philly and founded by Cal OG and J Schema, childhood friends that focused their combined passion for entertainment, fashion, music, art and being creative and came up with Teez That Talk is a Self-Expression focused, high-energy merchandize brand. In exciting news, Teez That Talk recently announced the launch of “TeeZ ThaT TalK T.V.”, a new YouTube channel, that delivers unique entertainment and funny videos to promote Teez That Talk and, most importantly, entertain the world even in the time of the pandemic.

“We are devoted to entertainment and creativity so we thought we’d do what we can to lighten the load people are carrying due to pandemic,” commented Cal OG. “Humor and laughing are an important part of life and can help us keep things in perspective. Come check us out! You’ll probably be glad you did.”

The “Teez That Talk T.V.” YouTube channel’s videos are done professionally, with a new release every week to help put smiles on viewers faces. So far five are up, including “Protek Believes in Aliens”, “Eat * Sleep * Get the Bag * Repeat”, “Money Never Sleeps”, and “Damn Skippy – TeezThat Talk”.

New designs are added to the Teez That Talk online store on a very regular basis. It’s quickly become a viral favorite with fans, who appreciate the style, energy, humor and authenticity. Women’s shirts, hoodies, and accessories are available as well.

The new video channel is getting nothing but great feedback.

Alan C., recently said, “This needs to spread! So funny. And the shirts are dope too! I’m telling my friends about it… my only ask is to do more videos. We can’t get enough. Top quality, smart, urban humor.”

For more information check out the official website at Check out the YouTube channel here. Be sure to like and subscribe.

About Teez That Talk T.V.

We are the original TeezThatTalk a Self Expression Merchandize Brand and a YouTube Entertainment Channel from Philadelphia, PA USA.

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