Paul Hourican Talks About New Music Collective “Blackbird Sounds”

DUBLIN, IRELAND, September 23, 2021 / — Blackbird Sounds is a music collective organized by songwriting talent, Paul Hourican. This is a unique collaboration of many talented music artists located in Ireland. Many artists have been able to get their creativity flowing with Blackbird Sounds, which is why Paul Hourican is proud of this music collective.

Paul Hourican Ireland has had a very inspirational career in the music industry. The singer-songwriter is well known for many of the hit songs he has recorded and has a unique music style that can be described as where pop, grunge, and blues all come out to play—people who appreciate many genres of music love what Hourican can create with a guitar and a microphone.

Over his time in the industry, Paul Hourican Ireland has been lucky enough to meet some very talented music artists. The thing that he appreciates is that every artist he meets has something different to bring to the table. While Hourican always enjoys playing music with other artists as part of a group, he wasn’t keen on the idea of forming another band.

When artists join a band, they are then fully committed to that band’s values and schedule. They don’t have as much freedom to grow as an individual artist and embrace their creative style. Hourican wanted to create a group where artists were free to come and go on their own terms.

This is why he decided to get a music collective together. Talented music artists from all over Ireland can perform together based on their own schedules. While Blackbird Sounds has many members, they don’t all perform together at once. Every artist gets the chance to shine in a music collective, and many of them have been offered more opportunities since joining Blackbird Sounds.

One of Paul Hourican’s songs from earlier on in his career, Wishing Well, has a lyric that sings “blackbird sings alone.” He always liked that line and wanted to use the word blackbird in his branding. While Hourican has seen a lot of success in the music industry, he always preferred songwriting.

Since forming Blackbird Sounds, one of the most intriguing things to Hourican is hearing how other artists perform the songs he has written. Every artist has a unique way of bringing the song to life, and Hourican has heard the same songs in several different versions from the artists at Blackbird Sounds.

Paul Hourican is looking to settle down now that he has had a fulfilling career in the music industry. He would now like to work in the background and help other artists see success. Hourican wants to continue writing songs to see how the artists in Blackbird Sounds put them into a melody.

One thing Paul Hourican has always been known for is pulling from different genres to create a song. That is one thing he encourages the artists in Blackbird Sounds to do as they grow their careers.

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