Panthera Capital Holdings (PCH) LLC Kickstarts Its Services

Panthera Capital Holdings, LLC

Panthera Capital Holdings, LLC

Panthera Capital Holdings is an America-based holding company that’s deploying resources all across the globe.

Panthera Capital Holdings, LLC (OTCMKTS:PCH)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 / — Panthera Capital Holdings LLC has officially stepped into the market and started providing its services as a finance organization. The company is focusing on the financial services, leisure, and real estate sectors for now.

PCH group is currently operating from its offices in London, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States. Furthermore, the group is closely working with its sister company, UMBRA Companies Inc. (UCIX)

Even though the company originated from America, it’s deploying resources and making investments all over the globe. PCH’s investment horizon extends as far as ten years in the future.

About holding companies:
Holding companies do not have in-house products or services that they can sell to their customers. Instead, such firms purchase and hold shares of other companies to earn revenue for themselves and their stakeholders.

PCH group is currently providing the following services:

1. Corporate financing
Pursuing the goal to provide excellent value to its customers, PCH is providing several corporate financing services. These include fundraising, corporate restructuring, M&A, and transaction services.

2. Professional consulting
To help its clients take the proper steps in business and finance, PCH is providing professional consulting services directly related to management and marketing.

3. Investment
One of the headline services of PCH is its investment capability. The group has years of experience in investing in companies from different sectors to make respectable gains. Plus, it has a vast network that expands the opportunities its clients can leverage.

4. Project management
PCH is helping its clients handle projects from a wide array of industries, including but not limited to real estate and mining. The team’s distinctive experience in various industries lets PCH help its customers to make the right decisions.

5. Raising capital
The PCH group is now also providing capital raise services to its entrepreneurial clients. It offers bonds, helps with liquidity and asset-based lending.

You can learn more about PCH’s services by clicking here.

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