Palm Beach Circuit Court Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Issac and Laura Perlmutter Based on Their Innocence

Hate Mail Campaign Against Harold Peerenboom Was Actually Conducted by a Terminated Employee of Peerenboom’s Company

The court also noted that “characterizing Peerenboom as a ‘serial liar’ and ‘fraudster’ [were] truthful representations of the court’s statements [in a prior order].”

— Palm Beach Court

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, September 29, 2021 / — Canadian Harold Peerenboom filed a lawsuit against Ike and Laurie Perlmutter accusing them of conducting a hate mail campaign against him. After eight years of investigation and discovery, the Perlmutter’s established that the hate mail campaign was conducted by Peerenboom’s former Canadian business partner who had a bitter business dispute with Peerenboom.

The Perlmutters spent this time and effort because it was important for their reputations to prove they had nothing to do with this horrific hate mail campaign. Yesterday, Palm Beach Circuit Court Judge Cymonie Rowe granted judgment in favor of the Perlmutters on the basis that Peerenboom’s eight-year lawsuit was baseless.

The Court held that the hate mail “was not done by the Perlmutter’s, but instead by David Smith, a Canadian national and a former terminated employee of Peerenboom’s company, and Thomas Thorney.” The Court further held there is “no evidence whatsoever that the Perlmutters had any hand in those mailings.”

The court also noted that “characterizing Peerenboom as a ‘serial liar’ and ‘fraudster’ [were] truthful representations of the court’s statements [in a prior order].”

During the course of Peerenboom’s pursuit of the Perlmutters, Peerenboom—in conjunction with his Chubb Insurance Company lawyer—illegally stole the Perlmutter’s DNA during a deposition and had it tested in violation of Florida law. The Perlmutters have sued Peerenboom, his lawyer, and the Chubb Insurance Company for this outrageous invasion of privacy. That lawsuit remains pending.

The Perlmutters are represented by attorneys Roy Black and Jared Lopez of Black Srebnick in Miami and Josh Dubin of Joshua E. Dubin, Esq. PA.

CASE NO. 50-2013-CA-015257-XXXX-MB

Editor’s Note: Legal documents pertaining to the case can be provided upon request

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