Our Parents Sins Breaking the Cycle

Where we continue to make choices from a place of disconnectedness, discouraging us from fulfilling our destiny.

“God has given us all the choice of free will but unfortunately, humanity has taken it for granted.”

— Bernard Fisher

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bernard Fisher’s Our Parents Sins Breaking the Cycle is an insightful memoir that chronicles the author’s attempt to unsnarl the past with the hope of healing the present and gaining better knowledge to break away from generational cycles of transgression. Published by Litfire Publishing, the book is a powerful encouragement to confront the past rather than suppress it.

The present is a confluence of the past and the future; events of the past hold a great influence on the present which holds the key to the future; frequently, we’re oblivious of the weight of our choices and the factors of their formation — these are just some of the themes discussed in Bernard Fisher’s memoir. The author writes, “God has given us all the choice of free will but unfortunately, humanity has taken it for granted. The naivety of mankind not being aware of the power in choice, or how it affects souls especially within a family. The repercussions to some of our choices that are made can last for generations.” Fisher urges his readers to connect with their inner child to unravel family secrets and in turn healing deep within. We can only fulfill our purpose if we can manage to break away from generational sins.

Traveling to over thirty countries, living in six, Bernard Fisher is a native New Yorker, a former international model, and currently an actor. Embarked on a journey around the world, unaware that it would lead him on a journey within, Fisher was healed by becoming self-aware, freeing him of generational sins.

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Our Parents Sins Breaking the Cycle
Written by Bernard Fisher
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