Online Car-Share Platform Eligo Brings More Secure, Green Sharing Economy to Canada

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 29, 2021 / — Through a partnership with Northbridge Insurance and a streamlined peer-to-peer car sharing platform, Eligo Cars ( has brought security and simplicity to those who want to rent their cars out for an extra income.
Like Airbnb, the number of people looking to engage in car-sharing platforms has exploded over the past decade.

This spells good news for not just individuals but society; vehicle sharing, when compared to vehicle ownership or traditional car rental companies, confers major benefits to the environment.

According to a recent study , car-sharing participation “reduces annual mobility emissions by 3–18% for the average member.” The car-sharing economy will produce less air pollution, traffic and congestion, and more fleets of newer vehicles, which are more greenhouse-gas efficient than their predecessors.

Problems with Car-Sharing Revolved Around Insurance and Usability

Still, car-sharing has not yet become as popular as house rentals. This is mainly due to risks for both renters and drivers. For drivers, the main concern was the lack of quality vehicles available and questions surrounding insurance while driving someone else’s car.

For renters, putting their vehicle up for rent was typically a long, difficult process. Many platforms contained hidden and high fees, as well, and whether the vehicle was still insured during rental remained a question. Lastly, for both groups, the lack of an online platform streamlined for usability made the barrier to entry altogether too high.

Eligo Cars: Solving Vehicle-Sharing Woes with a Focus on Quality and Insurance

A big advantage traditional car-rental companies used to have was their online platforms, which were easy to use. Eligo’s newest online platform ( closes that gap, making renting easier and more convenient than ever for both renter and driver. Engineered for the high-end vehicle market, the graphical user interface for registering and listing cars is efficient and intuitive.

“Our website will increase communication, transparency, and options while offering visitors an enjoyable and useful digital experience.” – Tony Tasdalen, Eligo Cars Co-Founder

And when it comes to protecting vehicles, Eligo vehicle owners and authorized drivers are covered.
All Eligo vehicle owners and authorized drivers are automatically covered by Northbridge Insurance’s commercial policy without having to contact Northbridge Insurance. Depending on personal insurance coverage, insurance for renting or driving can include up to $2,000,000 in Third Party Liability, Standard Accident Benefits, Up to $1,500 for transportation replacement and includes no depreciation on new vehicles. With an up-to-date website that allows potential renters to see how much income they could make with their make and model of car, robust insurance, a streamlined approval process and easier-than-ever renting interface, Eligo has given the car-sharing sector new legs.

About Eligo
Eligo connects owners and drivers that share a common passion for automotive design, the driving experience, and creating the perfect moment. Focusing on Luxury, Sport, Electric and Exotic vehicles, their online platform utilizes leading-edge technologies to optimize the peer-to-peer car sharing experience, from planning to booking, from taking delivery to return, and all points in between.

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