OmniPreSense Releases Flexible Traffic Monitor for Itron Networks

Traffic Monitor Radar

OPS9243-A Traffic Monitor

Simplifies Vehicle, Bike and People Traffic Monitoring for Smart Cities


We’re pleased to announce our first traffic monitor system in collaboration with Itron. Cities have been looking for a way to be green while saving costs and the new OPS9243 provides both.”

— Rob Frizzell

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2021 / — OmniPreSense Corporation, an innovative supplier of Short-Range Radar sensors, today announces OPS9243 traffic monitor. Taking advantage of OmniPreSense’s world class radar technology, the OPS9243 provides a simple means to monitor different types of traffic reporting speeds and counts. In collaboration with Itron, the OPS9243 sensor is easily powered and mounted on streetlight assets and seamlessly connects into the Itron network to support numerous use cases.

Example use-cases include occupancy monitoring in parks or collecting vehicle traffic statistics from the streets. Utilizing the OPS9243 as an occupancy sensor, municipalities and utilities can deploy Itron’s dynamic lighting solution to save energy while maintaining public safety. The OPS9243 can detect objects, such as people or vehicles, up to 15m/50 feet away. By connecting, via a Networked Lighting Controller, to Itron’s unique peer-to-peer mesh network, the solution can also send messages to nearby lights to also turn on or brighten for a pre-programmed period of time before returning to the off or dimmed state.

Alternatively, vehicles speeds and counts may be reported and alerts for excessive speeding can be broadcast helping authorities act and making streets safer. The OPS9243 traffic monitor supports multiple modes of detection covering vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians. It can detect the speed of vehicles upwards of 100m/328 feet away over a wide field of view. The OPS9243 can detect and classify objects moving at speeds ranging from 1 mph to 140 mph (2 kmh to 225 kmh). The traffic monitor provides the number of objects detected over set time periods and implements a simple connection into the Itron network. Data may then be visualized in Streetlight.Vision (SLV), Itron’s world leading smart city central management software (CMS), for analysis and further action.

“We’re pleased to announce our first traffic monitor system in collaboration with Itron,” stated Rob Frizzell, CEO and co-founder of OmniPreSense. “Cities have been looking for a way to be green while saving costs and the new OPS9243 provides both.”

“Our collaboration with OmniPreSense is a great example of the open platform that Itron brings to cities and utilities, helping to solve real problems.” said Dan Evans, global lead of smart cities at Itron. “The OPS9243 is a multi-functional sensor which can be easily installed and start providing critical and actionable data on the same day to enhance safety and save energy.”

Pricing and Availability

The OPS9243 traffic monitor is available now and priced at $425 in single unit quantities, excluding accessories. It can be ordered from the company website at or from Itron.

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Based in San Jose, CA, OmniPreSense provides short range radar for sensing a safer world. OmniPreSense is a Techstars funded company.

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