Nurse Becomes Unexpected Globetrotting Hero in “Ruby Ransom”

Ruby Ransom : A Novel

Ruby Ransom : A Novel

Linda Hehir

Linda Hehir

Linda Hehir’s novel follows good samaritan who faces dangers and encounters romance

UNITED KINGDOM, October 6, 2021 / — Linda Hehir treats readers to an exciting tale with “Ruby Ransom,” a mystery thriller where a young nurse finds herself in way over her head, becoming enmeshed in an international kidnap for ransom scheme and must do the right thing. Readers will be treated to adventure, romance, and action in the pages of Hehir’s novel.

Rachel is a young nurse who encounters a professional ethical dilemma. Among the belongings of an unconscious patient is something extremely valuable, yet she unconsciously omitted to log them as per hospital protocol. Her instincts tell her something is off with the item and in the young man under her care. It only gets more complicated when Derek wakes up and answers her concerns. She discovers that her patient is not the only one at risk as his child is in captivity halfway across the world.

Perhaps due to her instincts as a nurse, or some other impulse, she is compelled to help her patient transport the ransom needed to save the child. There are many unknowns, such as the identity of the abductors and their true motives. Derek knows that they are in Myanmar and that he must relinquish precious family heirlooms in order for his child to be freed. In helping Derek, Rachel faces many dangers and in the process of risking her life she develops feelings for the man she is helping. Moreover, in the process of overcoming adversity, Rachel also musters new levels of self-belief, courage and fortitude.

Hehir treats readers to a combination of a mystery thriller novel with ample suspense and romance. According to her it is ideal for fans of Sidney Sheldon and similar works. Her own experience travelling in Myanmar also adds authenticity to the narrative and accuracy in the locations portrayed in its pages. Likewise with her background as a nurse and complementary medicine therapist.

About the Author
Linda Hehir is passionate about health, wellness and self realisation. Her career spanned over 40 years in the United Kingdom’s health service as a nurse and then nurse manager. Then for 17 years she practiced complementary medicine as an EFT practitioner and traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist. Since retirement she has continued pursuing her passion for helping others by writing self-help books and narratives centered on finding self-belief and fortitude.

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