Not Your Typical Romance

Love Stories in Africa

Experienced writer offers a different side to romance

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, April 19, 2021 / — Love stories, both in books and movies, transpire, most often, in romantic places like Paris, Venice, and more. Rare are books that tells of romance with the terrains of Sudan and Ethiopia as the backdrop. Most rare are love stories with the clamor of war and chaos playing in the background. But that is exactly what Beatrice Cayzer writes about in Love Stories in Africa, totally deviating from normalcy and challenges the current definition of romance today. Love Stories in Africa tells two love stories, each set in a different country and era but delivers the same message—love grows amid tremendous horror and danger.

The author Beatrice Cayzer is an experienced writer. She has written numerous books under her name before releasing this particular story. With her experiences, knowledge, and adept skill in writing, she enables her readers to see the lives of two heroines unfold before their eyes. The first part of Love Stories in Africa centers on a widow and penniless English woman as she fights for her and her children’s lives in one of Sudan’s most dangerous refugee camps. The second story happens in Ethiopia during the 1930s when an American teenage orphan is aided by a heroic British officer during the horrific war that follows.

A traveler, humanitarian, and a writer, Beatrice Cayzer has witnessed and lived the lives of the people she met in her sojourns. She understood the troubles of their lives, the dangers they have battled, and the desperate measures they have to go through to survive. Through these experiences, Beatrice succeeds in painting a picture of their world that is unbeknownst to many, thus shedding light on their reality that was thought to be fictitious by many. She has written numerous books, some of which are award-winners like The Secret Diary of Mrs. John Quincy Adams and Kennedys in Love, and the Rick Harrow series.

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