North America Custom Acoustics Manufacturer Launches Biophilic Moss Design & Engineering Company

Quiet Earth Moss Acoustic Wall Panels provide lightweight, easy-to-install sound dampening and absorption solutions suitable for any office or commercial environment.

A Branded Moss Wall is a creative mix of different moss types and colors used to display corporate identity within reception areas or highlighted throughout the office.

Quiet Earth Moss is an organically preserved natural moss product that brings custom green spaces indoors.

Quiet Earth Moss, an Ayrsonics company, works with businesses to enhance work environments through custom-made preserved moss walls and installations

We are the only acoustic manufacturing company with a manufacturing facility and 5 fabrication and distribution locations in North America.”

— Doug Barlett, CEO of Ayrsonics Group of Companies.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, September 29, 2021 / — Quiet Earth Moss’ (QEM) naturally preserved moss walls are 100% natural and can be placed in areas without daylight as panels, mosaics, frames, 3D designs, planters and more. The company launched early 2021and is part of Ayrsonics North America family of companies. QEM works directly with architects and designers to design, engineer, manufacture and install custom installations. With five fabrication centers across Canada and the U.S. reducing lead time and avoiding the supply chain issues that are currently plaguing the industry.

“We are the only acoustic manufacturing company with a manufacturing facility and 5 fabrication and distribution locations in North America,” said Doug Barlett, CEO of Ayrsonics Group of Companies. “This gives us that competitive edge to maintain our reputation for being truly environmentally sustainable, providing extremely quick delivery times supported by an in-house design engineering team to reflect what designers conceptualize.”

QEM is manufactured and distributed within North America and offers over five types of moss with endless color options. Made with 100 percent natural moss and preserved with eco-friendly natural oils and dyes, a Quiet Earth preserved moss wall utilizes Ezobord, a leading acoustic backing material. This flexible product can be customized to create one-of-a-kind vertical decorative installations or a magical upgrade to a typical suspended T-bar ceiling. Before COVID turned work-life balance upside down, American businesses were spending over $30 billion annually managing health issues and absenteeism– from job-related stress. By rethinking workspace design in the context of biophilia, there is an opportunity to improve employee productivity, creativity, and emotional wellbeing.

“As workers return to the office, Architects and Interior Designers turn to office design solutions inspired by Nature, using natural materials, green walls, and plants to increase human connectivity with the natural world,” said Dean McIntyre, CEO of Quiet Earth Moss. “Creating a naturally healthy environment, offices can provide a stronger sense of security and peace of mind.”

Biophilic Design is the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities. Incorporating direct or indirect elements of nature into environments have been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and self-reported rates of well-being.

These principles are shown to improve worker concentration, engagement, and cognitive ability but also to attract and retain staff in the “war for talent”. Science– along with copious anecdotal evidence– shows that a stimulating workplace that facilitates a tangible connection with nature boosts morale, decreases mental fatigue, and allows creativity to flourish.

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About Quiet Earth Moss:
Quiet Earth Moss, a sister company of Ezobord, leverages ten years of custom design expertise and acoustical engineering to seamlessly integrate stunning, 100% natural moss into 2021 office design.

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss Walls enable healthier work environments by combining Biophilic principles and acoustic engineering with 100% custom design.

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