nFocus Solutions Clients Use Pre/Post SurveyTrax Features to Measure Their Impact


Among its many other tools and functions, the TraxSolutions® software suite provides nFocus clients with the capability to generate and administer surveys and assessments with SurveyTrax.

“Survey input offers one of the clearest windows to an organization’s performance and lets leaders understand the impact of their programs and services,” said nFocus President Ananda Roberts. “We give our clients the ability to use SurveyTrax to collect data and triangulate it, a technique that is used to determine the value or worth of something, it can also be very helpful in driving programmatic change and improvements. Our systems allow for: 1. Self-Assessment; 2. Observational Assessment; and 3. Interviews – all surveys can be issued as personally identifiable or anonymous.”

SurveyTrax Case Study: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis

The potency of SurveyTrax is compounded by the tool’s “pre/post” feature which creates insights based on program outcomes and progression.

“The pre/post tool is so important to our SurveyTrax module,” noted Senior Director of Product Management Mark Claassen. “Without it, survey results don’t have a reference point – it’s good data but it’s missing the context piece we always hear about. Pre/post gives you that context.”

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We build software that aligns metrics with mission to measure individual and organization level outcomes. We do this by integrating disparate and often disconnected data–giving our clients the ability to ask and answer the right questions with greater accuracy and deeper insight.

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