NEXCOM Releases the High Performance Networking Appliance NSA 7150 for 5G Network Applications

FREMONT, CA, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2021 / — NEXCOM, a leading global supplier of network appliances, announced today the release of NSA 7150, a 2U rackmount high-performance networking appliance intended for 5G network and network security applications . The NSA 7150 is based on the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® product family and features enhancements in multi-core computing performance, high memory capacity, high speed I/O interface, and Intel® QAT hardware acceleration with DPDK to support both enterprise and telecommunication applications.

The NSA 7150 has been validated under the 5G Security Assurance Specification Test for Access and Mobility management functionality . It can also perform as a 5G UE generator to stress core network capacity, on top of more popular NFVi applications. Earlier this year, NEXCOM joined Intel’s announcement of its 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor and began introducing ready-to-market networking appliances to leverage the powerful new CPU. In addition to improvements in performance and enhanced security features, the NSA 7150 supports optional RunBMC and TPM extension modules and adapts a variety of LAN modules.

“The advancements to global 5G networks have brought consequential changes to existing networking architecture,” said Peter Yang, President, NEXCOM. “As a result, 5G offers more complicated structures, and by dividing old architecture into more functional subsystems, higher speeds and lower latency can be achieved. To get the full performance potential out of 5G networks, hardware quality must be enhanced as well. We’re proud to partner with Intel to deliver the multi-functional NSA 7150 that performs at the highest levels of 5G security, access, and mobility.”

One of the key advantages of NEXCOM’s NSA 7150 is its multi-functionality, allowing it to be deployed at any stage of the 5G architecture. In addition, within specific configurations of LAN modules, a single NSA 7150 appliance can simulate RU+DU+CU equipment at the same time, saving space and reducing IT budgets. The NSA 7150 is compliant with TS 33.512 5G Security Assurance Specification for Access and Mobility management Function (AMF), published by 3GPP.

To learn more, please visit the NEXCOM website.

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and Freemont, CA, NEXCOM integrates its diverse capabilities, and operates six global businesses, including the Network and Communication Solutions unit (NCS). NCS focuses on the latest network technology and helps to build reliable network infrastructure, by delivering professional design and manufacturing services. NCS’s network application platform is widely adopted in Cyber Security Appliance, Load Balancer, uCPE, SD-WAN, Edge Computing, Storage, NVR, and other network applications for businesses of all sizes.

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