New Web Tool: Job Posting Generator Gives All Users a Piece of Recruitment Company Expertise

Job Posting Generator

New web tool for recruitment

Writing Great Job Posts like a Pro to Attract Top Quality Candidates Just Got Easier

CHINO HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2021 / — It used to be that writing a great job post required reading several advisory how-to articles and for dedicated HR professionals it meant attending conferences about staffing planning and recruitment. Now, Amtec has released a web tool anyone can use for creating an informative and compelling job posting that will help job seekers to self-screen by discerning if the position is the right match for them.

Enabling job seekers to self-screen helps everyone. It’s the job of the job posting to inform about the five main parts relating to the job opening: Company overview, Position summary, Personality characteristics, List of responsibilities, and List of job requirements. Surprisingly, many job postings are missing one or more of these essential elements which leaves it to the job seeker’s imagination as to whether or not this job is for them. Job seekers naturally lead toward optimism to boost their confidence in their job hunt. The combination of omitted details from job postings and job seeker optimism leads to a flood of irrelevant applications that instead need to be screened by the hiring manager. Job seekers then become fatigued from lack of response and the labor pool weakens.

Without automated help, a well-intended hiring manager creating an entirely handmade job posting is more likely to leave out one or more details needed to maximize the relevancy of applicants. This is where the Job Posting Generator comes in; it’s similar to other web tools that function as a user-friendly wizard delivering a ready-to-use byproduct based upon simple form entries combined with a compelling format. “Our direct hire and contract recruiters use this same process for writing job postings and now we’re happy to release this new web tool version for public use. We’re not worried about giving a piece of our business away since this is actually an extension of our mission of Helping Companies Build High-Performing Teams and Helping People Find Meaningful Work.” – Barrett Kuethen, Amtec COO.

While there are many places to easily create a job posting, job boards like ZipRecruiter are disincentivized to offer a detailed job posting generator because it conflicts with how they measure success – in the number of job postings added. All marketers know adding more required fields to a form decreases the number of form completions. The need for job boards to maximize form completions for job posts results in only requiring job posting creators to supply the minimum amount of detail. Consequently, many job posts are not examples of being the best possible explanation of the open position. In contrast, the sole purpose of Amtec’s Job Posting Generator is to maximize the quality of the post. Once created, the user can of course copy and paste their new job post onto ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, and any job board they choose.

With this in mind, the Job Posting Generator is of greatest benefit to users who:
• Are filling positions that require the candidate to meet a higher level of qualification.
• Have a need to reduce the number of applicants to only the most qualified candidates.
• Compete with other companies for the same top candidates and need a better job post.

If the job opening requires management experience or qualifications in a specific industry then creating a stellar job post is of elevated importance for finding the right person amongst a wide field of candidates. Examples of industries benefiting from more highly detailed job postings include accounting, aerospace, engineering, administration, construction, information technology, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, medical, marketing, and sales.

Good job postings will help the best candidates to find the right job opportunities for their skills and experience, and they will help hiring managers to have a better matching pool of applicants to contact about an interview and about potentially becoming the new member of their high performing team.

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