New Veterinary Marketing Performance Study Delivers Shocking Results

GeniusVets Crushes the Competition in New Marketing Results Study

GeniusVets Crushes the Competition in New Marketing Results Study

GeniusVets redefines domination by outperforming the rest of the industry combined

The best way to understand performance is in comparison to others…the study proved our top 10 clients are getting more web traffic than the top 10 clients of our top 10 competitors combined by > 30%”

— GeniusVets Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer David Hall

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES , February 12, 2021 / — At the intersection of psychology, art, and science; arising from a symphony of strategies, messages, and tools; and amplified by the expertise of those who practice it, marketing has become one of the most powerful forces in the world. Yet, while it is easy to become raptured by fancy designs and complex strategies, the only thing that matters, in the end, is the results that marketing can deliver. GeniusVets, a company with the mission of helping veterinary practices thrive through effective marketing, is at the center of a recent study that determined the top 10 GeniusVets client websites are attracting more monthly visitors than the top 10 client websites from their top 10 competitors combined, by more than 30%.

“Honestly, the results of this study were shocking,” said David Hall, Co-Founder of GeniusVets. “We are obsessed with performance and results, and one of the best ways to understand performance is in comparison to others. So, we wanted to compare the performance of our clients to the clients of our competitors. Before the study, we knew that our clients were seeing superior results, but when the results of the study proved that our top 10 clients are getting more web traffic than the top 10 clients of our top 10 competitors combined by more than 30%, we were truly surprised.”

It is common practice for web development agencies to include a link in the footer of their clients’ websites that says something like “this website was developed by ___,” and to include a link back to the agency website. Therefore, to conduct this study GeniusVets used, a backlink analysis tool, to find the clients of their competitors. After sorting the client list by estimated organic website traffic, they then used to run website traffic reports for each of the top 10 highest-performing websites from their top 10 competitors. They added up the performance data and compared it to the top 10 performing GeniusVets clients using the same tools. The study determined that 10 GeniusVets client websites drive 30% more monthly website traffic than the top 10 clients of their top 10 competitors combined.

“My ultimate goal is to help my colleagues in independent veterinary care to ensure that our businesses and our profession are strong enough to survive the onslaught of corporatized veterinary medicine,” GeniusVets Co-Founder, DVM, and Owner of The Drake Center Michele Drake noted.

GeniusVets Co-Founder and CEO Harley Orion weighed in on the results of the study, saying, “Numbers don’t lie. Unfortunately, many of our competitors claim to be ‘top-performing’ and make other dubious claims to sell their services—claims that do not stand up to scrutiny, as demonstrated here.”

“Marketing is an essential business function,” said Hall. “It seems that rather than dig in and do the hard work to drive results, most of our competitors are selling a placebo. We are dedicated to doing the work and delivering the results and that is why we have made this study freely available to any veterinary practice owner who wants to see the proof of what is possible and who is looking to set real goals and expectations for their business.”

To download the GeniusVets Study, go here.

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