New Jersey Blockchain council launches to make New Jersey a hub for blockchain development and advocacy

Adopting Blockchain Technology

Adopting Blockchain Technology

New Jersey Blockchain Council (“NJBC”) has launched a mission to unlock the transformational promise of blockchain technology

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2021 / — New Jersey Blockchain Council (“NJBC”) has launched a mission to unlock the transformational promise of blockchain technology. NJBC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting blockchain technology. The Council is working actively with the New Jersey state to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology through engaging regulators, business leaders, and global change-makers to advocate for constructive public policy.
Currently, blockchain and cryptocurrency are getting more established, turning into a formalized sector. As a result, industry leaders from New Jersey have come together to form an organization that speaks with a united voice about how policies should be updated to accelerate the adoption of blockchain business models in New Jersey.

NJBC has a great vision for blockchain and is dedicated to making New Jersey a hub for Blockchain development. To achieve this vision, the New Jersey Blockchain council is working closely with NJ state and is a member of the state alliance.

“New Jersey Blockchain Council (NJBC) is on a mission to educate New Jersey legislators and citizens about blockchain technology and improve innovation and investment,” said Pramod Attarde, Founder, New Jersey Blockchain Council. “We are collaborating with policymakers and business leaders to create a strong foundation for the statewide blockchain economy.”

The Blockchain Council was established to help solve the most pressing issues in the blockchain industry. It advocates for an innovative regulatory framework; develops and supports community leadership and enterprise collaborations to create a strong foundation all over the state. The council members are on a journey to promote blockchain technology by educating, using digital assets, and developing an environment that fosters innovation, jobs, education, and investments.

The forward-thinking leadership team in NJBC has years of subject matter expertise in blockchain technology. The Council has extended its network of blockchain experts in both private industry and the public sector. Its members are now working with government regulators and have long-term associations with blockchain-related businesses in the state. They intend to establish public-private partnerships that help to develop a blockchain innovation ecosystem in New Jersey.

NJBC has working groups which is established to build a community representing the blockchain industry. They employ best practices to promote digital assets, a healthy crypto trading ecosystem, and create a strong crypto community through networking, outreach, information exchange, and education to create more secure, unbiased, and functional societies.

New Jersey Blockchain Council offers memberships for students, working professionals. They also offer corporate memberships like Start-Up, Gold, strategic partner, media partner, and a platinum membership.

The advent of blockchain technology has opened an opportunity for the world economy. Blockchain Technology will revolutionize the way governments and companies operate. Blockchain has enormous potential for simplifying complex procedures to give more transparency and more accessibility. It is a platform for truth, trust, financial inclusion, and decentralization.

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About NJBC –
New Jersey Blockchain Council is the foremost industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem. The council is dedicated to furthering the adoption of blockchain technology by engaging regulators, business leaders, and global change-makers on harnessing this disruptive and innovative technology to advocate for constructive public policy and create more secure, fair, and functional societies. The council aims to create an open forum that inspires, trains New Jerseyans who are pursuing professional and entrepreneurial careers in blockchain and Fintech and inspiring and educating the next generation of blockchain leaders.

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