New Haven Summer Enrichment Program Provides New Day for the ‘Genius Generation’

Youth Entrepreneurs

Youth Entrepreneurs

The month-long Youth Entrepreneurs program mixes integrity with innovation.

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2021 / — Press Contact: Laquita Joyner-McGraw
Phone: 203-314-5335

New Haven Summer Enrichment Program Provides New Day for the ‘Genius Generation
July 5 – August 6th

Every year a staggering 1 million students drop out of high school, but one New Haven change agent alters the trajectory of today’s youth. Meet Laquita Joyner-McGraw, founder of Youth Entrepreneurs, an education and experience-based program for tweens and teens. This purpose-driven businesswoman honed her marketplace acumen into a blueprint for success. Now Laquita is sharing her know-how with today’s youth to encourage a new generation of positive thinkers to take the world by storm.

The month-long Youth Entrepreneurs program is hosted at the New Haven’s Barak Obama Elementary School and Southern Connecticut State University-School of Business. The revolutionary 4-week intervention mixes integrity with innovation to get to the root cause of what ails our communities. Through the Genius Generation children as young as 11 years old begin to understand their innate talents. In the Genius Generation tweens tap into these talents which are then supported with the tools and training necessary to succeed. The next level is the Genius Leadership cohort where high school students model servant leadership principles to become dynamic leaders and forces for good in their communities. The top tier is the Genius Consultant group aimed at helping young people over 21 with startup incubation services and professional development.

Each handpicked student creates a small but mighty cohort where they receive individualized attention, mentoring, and direction. The program gives teens the tools to become productive leaders in the government, business, and community sectors. Joyner-McGraw is modeling the future of this country, one teen, at a time. Armed with a God-given mandate to stem the tide of violence and apathy ravaging our young people; Laquita seeks to harness their skills to be a positive influence on society. Joyner-McGraw, a doctoral candidate at Regent University with a master’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University, knows it takes more than simply hard work to succeed. The determined mother of two has a heart for young people who need targeted tragic intervention to bring about a positive outcome from their lives.

This summer, starting on July 5th, Laquita is equipping an army of resilient teens with a backbone of servanthood and confidence to take on the world.

For more information about the Summer Enrichment Program, or to interview Laquita Joyner-McGraw, contact her at 203-314-5335 or

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