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The Vineyard Group: Assess. Align. Grow.

Stewart Rawley, Managing Partner & CEO

The Vineyard Group supports institutional investors scale to address burgeoning growth of opportunities

Our solution brings unequaled velocity and consistent Target evaluation processes to mid-market institutional investors.”

— Stewart Rawley, Managing Partner & CEO

FRANKLIN, TN, USA, September 29, 2021 / — The Vineyard Group, a consulting firm serving mid-market private equity firms, recently announced the launch of assessment and consulting services to address the needs of institutional investors experiencing the burgeoning growth of middle-market activity. Vineyard supports, augments and scales institutional investors’ Target vetting as they face the frantic growth of mid-market deal making. Vineyard’s services offer highly accelerated, scalable, and consistent Target assessments. With this announcement, Vineyard’s membership unanimously appointed Stewart Rawley, an executive who has led organizational change in national and regional organizations, as Chief Executive Officer.

At the heart of The Vineyard Group’s proprietary offering is a data-driven assessment of target organizations backed by research in nationally-recognized universities and organizations. Vineyard advisors perform the assessment on-site or virtually with targets’ leadership teams in a session generally lasting less than two hours. Results are reported confidentially to Vineyard’s private equity clients within days to determine if further investment of time and money of full due diligence is warranted.

The Vineyard assessment measures four domains of organizational maturity: business strategy, implementation, financial governance and culture. Reports on each domain are granular and offer prescriptive actions for improvement as well as indicators of capacity for change. Moreover, should the investors choose to move forward, the reports provide a heat map for priorities in due diligence.

“Our solution brings unequaled velocity and consistent Target evaluation processes to mid-market institutional investors,” says Vineyard Managing Partner and CEO Stewart Rawley. “The pace of total M&A activity this year is set to overtake the all-time high. Vineyard’s services help our PE clients scale to identify the best opportunities.” Vineyard’s comprehensive reports are reviewed with the PE clients confidentially with additional insights pertaining to the dynamics of the leadership teams assessed.

Additionally, The Vineyard Group can provide post-acquisition strategic assistance to all parties to identify plans for growth, with Vineyard advisors acting as “project managers” for improvement. All of these same services are offered to leaders of organizations preparing to go to market to help ensure optimal valuations.

“Our goal is to help PE accelerate target vetting and provide a consistent framework for evaluation,” says Rawley. “We have high confidence our tools, process and advisors produce uncommon value and reduced costs for institutional investors.”

About The Vineyard Group:

The Vineyard Group, LLC is a consulting firm based in the metro Nashville, TN area serving the private equity (PE) industry. Vineyard advisors provide middle-market institutional investors accelerated assessments to vet targets, collecting in depth pre-due diligence data to assess risk and directing further investigation to help ensure proper alignment with PEs’ portfolios and measure targets’ capacity to institute performance improvements. The Vineyard Group also provides the same services to leaders of companies preparing to seek private equity to improve valuations.

Additionally, Vineyard can provide post-transaction improvement project management services to help improve ROI. Information on Vineyard services can be found at: Inquiries can be directed to

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