New book: ‘The Origin of Language’ Uncovers Hebrew Letters

New book: ‘The origin of Language’ the first scientific proof that finally explains the mystery no one has yet figured out.

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2021 / — Mr. Joe Lanyadoo is publishing his second book “The origin of language’. The first scientific proof that finally explains the mystery no one has yet to figure out, how language, an ability that required 4 simultaneous mutations in 4 different organs in a group of related people just appeared in humans. Language is a human species-specific trait meaning it didn’t evolve it just showed up.

The Theory:
All languages are made up of Hebrew Letter meanings that are encoded in our DNA. The Torah says: God Inserted Letter meaning not words into Adam that’s why god asked him to name everything, to create words by connecting those letters.
Professor Alec Marantz a linguistics professor at MIT has shown using EKG that the brain looks at each word as a sentence; he said, ‘We would see the same pattern of brain activity within a word as within a sentence, though more compressed in time.”. He is saying the brain is trying to understand each letter.

The Methodology:
Reversing the process. Decoding English words using Hebrew letter meanings. I first cut words to letters and then decode them using consonantal Hebrew letter and word meaning. It really shouldn’t work!

The Evidence:
3000 decoded English words with clear Hebrew meaning using consonantal Hebrew letter.
All our Linguist geniuses didn’t notice Because No one cuts words to letters.

Theory Tioury Description
Positive po-si-tivy Here-this good
Cloud Coolo Ed All Vapor
Artillery Ar-till-yery Light missile shoot
Procedure p-ro-cedura Here see arrangement
Illusion Illusia –elou ze haya as if it happened
Automatic auto matic copy its letters
Alternative alter nativa changed path
Automobile auto-mobil me (auti) transfers me
Euphoria yafeh or ya pretty light of god
Euphemism yafeh mishem Prettier than its name
Macabre Micaver From the grave

Mr. Lanyadoo claims that Torah is the lost book of Tho that contains all the creation formulas. To and Rah are the names of the two Egyptian gods of Moon and Sun. Tho the scribe god wrote Torah and all myths. Mahabharata the Hindu “myth’ was written by him. Ma Bara Ta means What Created Tho in Hebrew. To understand the bible one needs to read all myths as one. Without knowing who Tho and Rah and their father Anu, or Noon are, there is no way to understand the ToRah or language. They are represented by the numbers One-An, Two – Tho, Three – Thorah. And are given 3 Hebrew letters To, Raish and Noon. Accident or design?

Tho created letters and the Cell and gave them his name. Ta is Cell in Hebrew and oT is a letter. Jewish holidays are based on Moon cycles, Shab-at means Sat Tho. He is the first letter in Torah and the last in the Hebrew Alpha. Thank- Tho-Anik =Tho Bestowed. This is confirmed by research scientists. With the advancement of DNA research Scientists recently concluded that life was created by intelligent design.

“None of the theories Protein first, DNA first or RNA first are able to explain the origin of complex information required for life. The first cells had to have both complex proteins and complex information needed to replicate both the proteins and the information.

“That some divine super engineer, in a single efficient strike, endowed humans with the power of language where formerly they had none.” not my words but a direct quote from the Chomsky’s NYT interview. An atheist who found god and changed his theory after I sent him mine.

We speak hundreds of languages but the subconscious is literally programmed to understand only Hebrew Letter Meanings.. No one historian, Jew or Egyptian noticed? Really? Experts in what?

The difference between god and university professors is that God doesn’t walk around pretending to be a university professor I was told I am ‘Navi Levav Hochma’ The Prophet of the heart of Wisdom. Understanding the Hebrew letters, the Living Word, is the heart of wisdom.

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