New Book Life’s Journey Through The Bumps

Life’s Journey Through The Bumps

No grief is the same, just as no death is the same.”

— Linda J. Stilson

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, July 2, 2021 / — Death and Loss isn’t the End of the Book, it’s the Start of a New Chapter: Linda Stilson’s Effective Self-Help Book for People who Needs to be


“No grief is the same, just as no death is the same.” — excerpt, Life’s Journey Through The Bumps.

Inspiring author Linda Stilson gives hope to her readers by reminding them that “We don’t get over the loss; we work through the loss one day at a time.” in her sought-after self-help book Life’s Journey Through The Bumps — a stunning book of encouragement for individuals feeling like everything is too much. Life’s Journey Through The Bumps is a spiritual and inspirational journey that the author has shared in hopes that it helps others traveling that long journey that loss creates — a book meant for comfort for people who need to be comforted.

Expressing grief through poetry has been her therapeutic way to help herself and reach out to others online and within the community. One can relate to the stages of grief and loss that she has encountered and how she dealt with those situations. “Life is like a winding road with no end in sight and many bumps along the way. May you find strength in your journey and find peace in your heart.” — Linda Stilson.

Let us feast our eyes on this emotive excerpt from her must-watch-out self-help guide and book of comfort Life’s Journey Through The Bumps; “Life is full of challenges that we alone must face. Times when we will struggle to wake to face the day. Times that faith and courage is tested, our pain to erase. Times we must accept the bumps will go away.

We can’t change the tragic events that occurred in our past, What happened was not our doing, nor our ability to be undone. We can only face life strongly and not let depression last. Help is available as you are not alone, reach out to someone.” (excerpt from “Just Around the Bend”). Anyone can be a writer who pens words that touches the mind of the readers, but not anyone can be a writer who touches the hearts of anyone who so much skim one’s eyes to every word and letter of the book, Linda Stilson proves that she can be both. Evoking laughter is one thing — giving hope and comfort is another feat itself.

Life’s Journey Through The Bumps
Written by: Linda J. Stilson
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Paperback | $10.99

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