New Book Launch – Autobiography by Master J. Lal

Master J. Lal, as he is commonly known, a former English (Languages) teacher from Fiji, launched his first Novel “Born with an Angel”.

CALFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2021 / — Born with an Angel is a memoir-cum-autobiography of his growing up in a small village in Savusavu, Fiji in the early 1960’s. Much has been written on the life of the Grimityas but not so much on the life of the second generation of Fiji Indians who went through an equal amount of turmoil. This book attempts to fill that void. Master J. Lal was a nondescript kid who like most other rural kids grew up in poverty and was forced by circumstances to become independent at a tender age. With perseverance, persistence of his parents, assistance from many including the likes of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and an invisible guiding hand, he managed to rise above the quagmire of mere existence.

The book has been published and launched worldwide through the Amazon platform in EBook and Paperback formats.

Master J. Lal began his career at Labasa College under the tutelage of the renowned Principal, Mr Amraiya Naidu in 1979 and subsequently moved on as Head of Languages to various schools including Labasa Muslim High School, Cathedral Secondary School and Dudley High School before migrating to the United States.

Master J. Lal is best remembered for his simple, humorous and humble nature being reflective of his upbringing.

The book idea was driven by his children and grandchildren who grew up in the United States and had little knowledge of his background and upbringing. It is written in plain and simple English with a multilayered theme suited for all ages. A fascinating tale with lighted hearted humour but at times heartbreaking, providing a window into history at a time when Fiji entered into independence as a nation. Even though the story takes place some decades ago, the themes are universal and will resonate with the experiences of all who have struggled to achieve something in their life, whether they live in a large city or a small village.
An inspiring read for every parent and child worldwide.

J Lal

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