New book explains surprisingly foreseeable stock market bubble.

Well Timed New Book Release

Spinning Penny Media announces the release of David Rasmussen’s debut book, “The Ecstatic Stock Market, A Discerning Look Amid an Amazing Time.”

The stock market captures a snapshot of our economic history, and transmits an ecstatic message with far-reaching impact.”

— David Rasmussen

WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA, USA, June 29, 2021 / — After more than three decades of studying the market and its reflexive cycles of boom and bust, inflation and deflation, innovation and decay, Mr. Rasmussen has given us a monumental work with profound implications for every human alive in this amazing time.

Much like Stephen Hawking gave us a seminal work about how to view time with his “Brief History or Time,” so too David Rasmussen has provided a road map of how to view the market in a manner that will be eye-opening, understandable and game changing to a generation of readers.

During this uncertain time, we need some fresh perspective on how to best navigate our changing careers, and our investment portfolios. “The Ecstatic Stock Market,” draws from history, science, economics, poetry and provides a new approach towards the field with practical applications. It answers the questions about how the bubble formed, why it’s important, when it will be complete and what happens next.

David Rasmussen
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