New book by Bestselling Author Mike Rothmiller Names Abraham Lincoln’s Gay Lover

Cover of Secrets, Lies and Deception

President Abraham Lincoln’s Gay Lover Named and other Secrets

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2021 / — New York Times Bestselling Author Names President Lincoln’s Gay Lover in Hot New Book.

After years of research and filling dozens of Freedom of Information requests, historian, former detective, and bestselling author Mike Rothmiller has uncovered the identity of President Lincoln’s gay lover.

Lincoln’s sexual preference has long been debated. However, until now, the identity of his gay lover during the Civil War was unknown. The author spent years scouring archives, newspapers from the time, and Civil War soldier’s diaries to finally uncover the name of this young Union officer.

The revelation comes from the personal account of Lt. Col. Thomas Chamberlain of the Maine Volunteer Infantry. Thomas is the brother of famed Civil War General Joshua Chamberlain, and the brothers fought side by side during the bloody siege at Gettysburg. Lincoln’s gay love affair occurred when the Maine Volunteers were providing security for Washington, D.C., and President Lincoln.

The Chamberlain brothers were close to the President and Mrs. Lincoln, and both knew of Lincoln’s secret love affair with the young officer under their command.

The author uncovered a second source confirming Lincoln’s gay affair with the soldier. She was a well-connected Washington, D.C. socialite whose father and husband occupied extremely high positions within the Lincoln administration.

When Mary Lincoln was absent from Washington, the President secretly summoned the young officer to the President’s “cottage,” where they privately dined and slept together. And the young officer wore the President’s pajamas. Their intimacy lasted for months until the soldier was reassigned outside of Washington, D.C.

The book Secrets, Lies, and Deception. And Other Amazing Pieces of History Vol. 1 tells the inside story of Lincoln’s and the young officer’s secret rendezvous’ when Mary Lincoln was absent.

Secrets, Lies and Deception and Other Amazing Pieces of History Vol. 1 also discloses over 80 fascinating true stories, most the government wanted to keep secret. They include; The Top-Secret telephone transcripts of President Bill Clinton’s conversation with the Prime Minister of Pakistan revealing his knowledge of Usama bin Laden’s planned terror attacks on the United States. The plot to assassinate the Mexican President and the U.S. Government’s conspiracy to protect the indicted cocaine kingpin who plotted to kill the Mexican President.

The CIA’s Top-Secret search for Noah’s Ark, Hitler’s bizarre sexual practices, the presidential conspiracy to dictate the outcome of the Warren Commission within hours of President Kennedy’s assassination, the multi-national assassination team that killed people in America, the Top-Secret list lost nuclear weapons, J. Edgar Hoover’s secret letter encouraging Dr. Martin Luther King to commit suicide, and the top-secret list of CIAs assassins.

Plus, General Dwight Eisenhower’s Top-Secret report labeling General George S. Patton a crackpot. President Ulysses S. Grant belief that the war with Mexico was a conspiracy to garner more slave-owning land. Mahatma Gandhi’s letter informing President Roosevelt that America had a negro problem, President Kennedy’s secret drug addiction, the shocking truth behind the Vietnam War, and more.

Meticulously researched and sourced, Secrets, Lies and Deception and Other Amazing Pieces of History Vol. 1 reveals decades of appalling and murderous government behavior, beginning with George Washington and concluding with verified U.S. Navy UFO photographs.

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Mike Rothmiller has authored numerous books. Additionally, he’s a former detective, Army medic, T.V. reporter, documentary film producer, and host. His non-fiction expose’ L.A. Secret Police was a New York Times Bestseller. And his 2021 release of “Bombshell. The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe” is a worldwide hit.

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