Mustang Sampling Joins H2-CCS Network

Finding great suppliers with a deep understanding of the issues with hydrogen – such as Mustang and Valtronics – is a key part of the network value proposition”

— Tom Gellrich, Network Founder

PENN VALLEY, PA, US, September 28, 2021 / — As founder, President and CEO of Mustang Sampling and Valtronics Solutions, the self-taught native North Carolinian has secured over 45 patents related to the Analytically Accurate measurement of hydrocarbon composition.

In 2014, when Mustang and Valtronics were booming throughout North America, Thompson had a chance to sponsor a Daytona Prototype, Mid-engine Corvette in IMSA (International Motor Sports Association).

“We’re able to blend electronics with racing,” Thompson said. “Measurement and data collection are critical to both industries.”
Racing championships ensued and during the 2018 racing year, Mustang Sampling had the opportunity to sponsor a Cadillac Dpi since the Corvette had been released commercially.

With two successful companies and a highly successful racing team, Thompson is smack in the middle of what’s rapidly becoming the next big thing in the natural gas industry: the use of hydrogen as fuel in conjunction with carbon capture and sequestration (CCS).
“There are many exciting moments in the oil and gas industry, especially in today’s business climate, with everyone working toward a lower carbon profile,” Thompson told the H2-CCS Network.

Thompson’s expertise in the analysis of gas in natural gas pipelines makes him very popular with companies attempting to blend natural gas and hydrogen in the near future.

“Moving hydrogen blends via pipelines presents a host of manageable issues,” according to Thompson, “but with concentrations below about 30%, most operations are not significantly impacted.”

Thompson believes there will need to be a few dedicated hydrogen lines built in the U.S., pipelines that will rely on different steel alloys and tensile strength to safely handle the smaller-molecule hydrogen.

While an industry guru, Thompson goes out of his way to share his knowledge with others. Mustang Sampling invested roughly $500,000 in a Mobile Training Laboratory (the MTL) which travels all over North America to measurement schools, conferences, and private training events, allowing an up-close look at Analytically Accurate systems.

Thompson also has joined the H2-CCS Network, a members-only organization dedicated to bringing together experts and industry players interested in utilizing hydrogen and/or CCS.

“The goal of the network is information and education,” Thompson said. Networking with others, sharing information, is a tremendous situation.”
“Mustang Sampling and Valtronics provide innovative solutions, and we are pleased to have them as part of the H2-CCS Network,” said Tom Gellrich, Network Founder. “Finding great suppliers with a deep understanding of the issues with hydrogen – such as Mustang and Valtronics – is a key part of the network value proposition.”

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