MultiVisionDigital Celebrates 10 Years Leading Clients Into the Video Marketing Future

Corporate video production services in action

Corporate video production services in action

Video for advertising

Video for advertising

Advertising video for social media engagement

Advertising video for social media engagement

New York video production company MultiVisionDigital is celebrating their tenth-year anniversary at a time when COVID-19 has sunk many small businesses.

Business video plays an essential role in customers’ buying behavior, as video introduces people and products, answers important questions, and does so while making personal connections.”

— Robert Weiss

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 21, 2021 / — New York video production company MultiVisionDigital is celebrating their tenth-year anniversary at a time when COVID-19 has sunk many small businesses. Their success is due, in part, to the company’s ability to anticipate the future and get there first.

For the past 20 years, founder Robert Weiss has been part of digital marketing’s evolution. He implemented websites, e-mail marketing, and SaaS CRM before they became adopted and essential business tools. Weiss’ vision was that video was destined to move in the same direction and be a powerful way for businesses to improve the effectiveness at every stage of the sales funnel including awareness, conversion, lead-generation, and sales.

“Carefully crafted video content plays an essential role in customers’ buying behavior,” Weiss explains, ”as video can be used to introduce people and products, answer important questions, and do so while making personal connections. It’s our mission to provide value-packed quality video production services to businesses that allows them to invest in different types of video marketing content multiple times a year.”

In 2019, Robert implemented a remote video recording system for shooting videos remotely called “Remote Video Capture” as a way to provide an affordable, high quality alternative to full-scale video productions. However, it proved even more valuable when the 2020 pandemic shut down all in-person work and forced business professionals into a remote work environment.

MultiVison Digital can direct and produce up to 4k quality videos remotely, then edit the footage into a professional product, using a client’s own phone, tablet or computer and an easy-to-use free software app, at a much lower cost than most traditional location shoots. Remote Video Capture goes far beyond the limitations of a Zoom recording, as the quality is much higher, the participants receive skillful direction at every step of the way, and the footage is professionally edited by MultiVison Digital’s professional staff of editors and animators.

Now that things are getting back to normal, MultiVison Digital is now back to on-location video shoots ideal for advertising videos, corporate recruitment, events and other video marketing communications. However, they’ll continue their Remote Video Capture services as a high-value, affordable video production alternative to law firms, accounting firms and other companies that need thought leadership / subject matter expert videos at a reasonable cost.

For more information on MVD’s video marketing offerings, contact Robert Weiss at (646) 319-8609 or

About MultiVision Digital
Over the last ten years, MultiVison Digital has produced 900 videos touching every business objective for their satisfied customers. And while the future is unknown, when it arrives, MVD will be there, waiting for it to catch up. MultiVision Digital is a recognized Top video production services company in New York. Specializing in online video marketing, B2B sales video and professional video production services. MultiVision Digital’s clients use online video marketing and B2B sales videos to increase sales, lead generation, and client loyalty. With years of expertise and a staff of talented and knowledgeable individuals, MultiVision Digital’s website video production services include strategy, budgeting, producing (planning, scripting, storyboarding and editing) and distribution.

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10th Anniversary Promotional Video Production for Video Marketing Company

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